Monday, January 28, 2008

" 7 Months Old, Wow!"

It's so hard to believe that Abigail is now 7 months old! Wow, how time flies! She has really filled out over the last few months! Abigail is now sitting with support and working on sitting by herself. She's also working on tummy time so she can learn to roll over. Abigail seems to be tolerating tummy time better the bigger she gets. However, she is quite the pro a scooting around on her back! Abigail is now on a nap schedule during the day (in her crib), which has really helped me get things accomplished around the house. Things really do get easier with a baby ounce you can establish a routine!
Abigail likes to sit on the couch!

Abigail can now touch the floor in her baby gymnastics jumper!

Abigail enjoys her baby einstein mat & looking in the mirror at herself!

Abigail chilling in her bath towel! Look how much she has filled out!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Peaches Anyone?"

Abigail has reached a new milestone in her life, as she has started on solid foods. She has been eating cereal for about a month now, but we are just now introducing fruits and vegetables. Abigail likes her cereal, but she's not so sure about the fruit. She's only taking about 1/4 of a baby jar at a time. I'm just trying to be consistent in feeding her so she gets used to the new tastes.

We are now officially free of all medical equipment!! Yeah!!! Abigail's apnea monitor was discontinued since she has not had any episodes since the beginning of September. The doctor said we could keep the monitor for another month or so if we wanted to, but I decided it was time to let go of the security blanket. We've only been using the apnea monitor at night for the past few months because it gave us peace of mind knowing she was okay. However, she's doing great and we no longer need to worry. Today we got rid of 7 oxygen tanks (only 1 was slightly used), a pulse oxyimonitor, and the apnea monitor!! I have a linen closet again!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wow, I can't believe another year has gone by! It was last New Year's Eve when I found out I was pregnant and now I have a beautiful 6 month old baby girl! Abigail is doing great and continues to grow everyday. She now weighs 11 pounds 13 ounces and is 22 1/2 inches long. Abigail was released from the eye doctor in December. We had been going to the eye doctor every two weeks since she came home from the hospital to monitor for ROP. Abigail's eyes are fully developed and as blue as can be! She will go back to the eye doctor when she turns one just for a regular eye exam. Abigail had an appointment with her cardiologist and the PDA (artery outside her heart that remains open) is still there, but is smaller. We continue to pray that the artery will close on its own without needing surgery. The cardiologist doesn't want to see her again until next December. Abigail still has a possible kidney stone, so we are monitoring this problem and we have another renal ultrasound next month. Abigail continues to recieve physical therapy from the Early Childhood Intervention and will soon begin occupational therapy as well.

Abigail enjoyed her first Christmas, although she's too small to really understand what was happening. Next year, she'll be able to open her presents by herself or at least with some assistance. Abigail made her first road trip to The Wilcox Ranch to celebrate New Year's Eve with my family. She did pretty good considering it was a 4 1/2 hour trip in the car. We had to stop twice, so she could get out of her car seat for a little while. This was also her first time to sleep in her pack-n-play. She didn't sleep well the first night, but she slept better the next night. However, she was happy to get back home and sleep in her own crib!
Abigail has been eating cereal for a few weeks and now she's beginning to start on baby food. So far, we've only tried applesauce. I plan to make my own baby food, so we'll see how that turns out. She continues to sleep through the night. Abigail loves to play with her toys, especially when Mommy & Daddy play with her! I'm so blessed! I can't believe she's growing so fast!
Abigail playing with one of her new toys she got for Christmas!

Abigail and her cousins on Christmas! As you can see, it was hard to get all of them to pose for the picture!

The Fehrle Family enjoying a friend's Christmas party!

Yes, Daddy is already trying to teach Abigail how to drive a tractor!