Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Peaches Anyone?"

Abigail has reached a new milestone in her life, as she has started on solid foods. She has been eating cereal for about a month now, but we are just now introducing fruits and vegetables. Abigail likes her cereal, but she's not so sure about the fruit. She's only taking about 1/4 of a baby jar at a time. I'm just trying to be consistent in feeding her so she gets used to the new tastes.

We are now officially free of all medical equipment!! Yeah!!! Abigail's apnea monitor was discontinued since she has not had any episodes since the beginning of September. The doctor said we could keep the monitor for another month or so if we wanted to, but I decided it was time to let go of the security blanket. We've only been using the apnea monitor at night for the past few months because it gave us peace of mind knowing she was okay. However, she's doing great and we no longer need to worry. Today we got rid of 7 oxygen tanks (only 1 was slightly used), a pulse oxyimonitor, and the apnea monitor!! I have a linen closet again!


Steele said...

Congrats to Abigail on her of her achievements and growth! Pretty soon she will be thanking you for all the wonderful flavors you are introducing to her. Isn't the mess they make just so cute??!

KnowlesFamily said...

I love checking your blog. She is growing so fast & is such a doll.
Happy Birthday to you too- hope you have a great one.