Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sick Baby

I'm going to really blog this time rather than post pictures of my precious little angel. I have discovered the true meaning of a "mother's intuition!" Last Friday, I took Abigail to the doctor because she was congested and I wanted to be sure that her lungs were clear. The doctor said, she just had a cold. A few days passed and she seemed to be doing better.

This morning about 2 am, I woke up to Abigail coughing. She had been coughing due to all the congestion, so I wasn't too concerned. However, something told me to get up and go check on her. I deciced I'd just suction her little nose and put her back to bed. Then, I realized she felt warm so I went ahead and gave her some tylenol. After giving her the tyelnol, I decided it would be a good idea to take her temperature. (I was half awake and out of the habit of getting up all hours of the night!) Her fever was 103! It scared me to death! I took her temp twice rectally to be sure, it's a good thing she didn't seem to mind! I took her clothes off and her little tummy and back felt like they were on fire!

I woke James up and told him that Abigail had a high fever. Then, he too wanted to take her temperature to be sure. I put a call into the doctor's office, by the time they returned my call 45 minutes later her fever had gone done to 101. Thankfully the tylenol was working! Abigail's fever had never been that high before, so it really scared both James & myself. I decided to put Abigail in her infant carrier and put her next to our bed, so I could hear her better. Although, I found it difficult to go back to sleep because I was so worried about my baby girl. Of course, James & Abigail had no problem going back to sleep!

I took Abigail to the doctor this morning and she has the flu and an ear infection! The important thing is that her lungs are clear! Hopefully she'll get over this illness pretty quick! Sometimes I feel like I'm in the pediatrician's office every week! I know all first time parents tend to be a little more paranoid when it comes to their children getting sick, but we can't be too careful! Abigail has come so far!

I promise to post some pictures next time! I've gotten bad about taking pictures!


Imee Elizabeth said...
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Imee Elizabeth said...

Praise God for mommy's intuition!