Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Look What I Can Do!"

Abigail has mastered the art of crawling and pulling up! Yup, she's on the move now! A few weeks ago I left the room and she was not happy so she followed me into the kitchen crawling. However, she was fussing the whole way like I was making her work to find me! She's got quite a personality! We had our first trip to the minor Emergency Room last weekend. Abigail had a high fever, but no other symptoms and by Sunday she was miserable and pulling on her ear. James & I decided to take her to the St. Luke's minor Emergency Clinic, so we could have Abigail checked out. Abigail has an upper respiratory infection and fluid behind one of her ears. So, we are having to do the breathing treatments ounce again. Abigail now weighs in at 16 pounds 12 ounces! She is just growing and changing everyday! She does say "Da Da", however, she says it all the time and not in reference to her Daddy. We will keep working on "Ma Ma"! Ha! Ha!
Abigail standing by her new favorite toy!

Abigail on the move!

Abigail loves her new swing!

Abigail in her inflatable bath tub!

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The Steele Family said...

Maggie has that same green outfit! Of course it doesn't fit her anymore, but I always loved how cute it was. Abigail looks almost as cute as she did! (ha ha!)