Monday, May 12, 2008

"My First Mother's Day & Abigail's Baby Dedication"

Well, yesterday was my first Mother's Day and Abigail's baby dedication at our church. Words can't express the joy of motherhood! I never really understood my parents unconditional love for me until I became a parent myself. Children are such an amazing gift from God! My mom & I hunted for the perfect little dress for Abigail to wear for her baby dedication and we also had to buy some cute little shoes and a bow to match. When it came time to get Abigail dressed Sunday morning, her shoes did not fit! Oops, I guess we should have tried them on before buying them. I think James thought I was about to have a melt down so he tried to force them on Abigail's little foot, tearing the shoe in the process. Abigail has a little foot, but is in between sizes and there is no such thing as a 1/2 size for babies. It wasn't worth the worry, so I decided Abigail would be just as cute with bare feet! Although, when we were on stage with the 50 other babies being dedicated Abigail was chewing on her precious little dress! So, plastered on the big screen during the baby dedication is my little girl eating her dress! Of course, she was still the most beautiful baby girl on that stage! The Fehrle Family

Baby Dedication

Abigail eating her dress on camera!

Abigail & Mommy backstage!

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