Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Abigail is Walking!"

Everyone is probably wondering why I have been so slow in updating the blog. At the end of June, James & I purchased an investment property to rent. The home required lots of work! We were able to get the work done within a few weeks thanks to my brother, my Grandmother (who's 80), my Dad, my brother's employee, James, James's employee, and with the help of some friends! The house was only listed on the market for lease for two weeks! Our first tennants moved in August 1st! I was nervous about this investment venture, but knew James knew what he was doing. James & I have also found a new church which we are very excited about! The name of the church is Woodlands Point Community, it's a new church so we are currently meeting in one of the schools in the area for now!
Abigail started taking her first steps at the beginning of July! She's now walking all over the place! However, she's still not quite steady on her feet! It's so cute to see her learning to walk because she's so proud of herself! On another note, Abigail has been sick the past few weeks with mutiple ear infections! After being put on our third anitbiotic in a three week period, the pediatrician referred Abigail to an Ear Nose & Throat specialist for tubes! Abigail will see the ENT doctor August 12th, so we will know then when she'll have the surgery! Abigail walking!

Abigail walking some more!

James & I celebrating our 2 year wedding Anniversary! We had dinner at America's while our friend Kimberly watched Abigail! Kimberly offered to babysit Abigail so we could go out, what an awesome friend huh?

Abigail helping me load the dishwasher!

Abigail getting into Daddy's work bag!

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