Monday, September 22, 2008

"Our little Patient"

Abigail had her ear tube surgery on Thurs. morning, a few days behind schedule thanks to Hurricane Ike! We were worried that the surgery would get post poned another month. The week before Hurricane Ike, Abigail had an ear infection and we had to go to the doctor three days in row for shots of antibiotics! Abigail was such a good patient! I was worried that she would have a screaming fit because she could not eat or drink anything and her surgery wasn't until 9:30 a.m., she normally eats breakfast a little before 7 a.m.! However, she could have juice until 6:30 a.m., so since I don't normally give her juice I thought this might be a treat and hopefully satisfy her for a little bit! The juice did the trick and Abigail was happy entertaining everyone in the waiting area at the hospital! She loves attention! Abigail was able to go into surgery earlier than anticipated due to a cancellation. Her ear infection had cleared up, which was good so the tubes will stay in better. Abigail did great! She came home and played like nothing happened, she just took longer naps than usual! Her eyes are a little droopy!

She thinks she's getting away with something!

"Hurricane Ike"

James began preparing for Hurrican Ike the Wednesday before including making sure the generators were ready to go and that we had plenty of gasoline. My job was to make sure we had plenty of food, bottled water, and diapers. I made sure I had all the laundry done just in case it would be a while until I could wash clothes again. We had all the flashlights handy and a battery operated radio ready to go! I did not want Abigail to be in a seperate room from us during the storm, so she slept in the pack-n-play next to our bed. I don't think anyone in and around the Galveston/Houston area got any sleep as Hurricane Ike approached the coast.
As soon as Hurricane Ike moved out of the Woodlands Sat. morning, James & I were anxious to look outside and exam the damage. However, we were unable to look out the windows because they were boarded up. James went outside in the rain to remove the boards from the house to let some sunlight in and so we could see out. Thankfully, we were able to call and check in with our families to make sure everyone was okay. However, then the phones went DEAD!
James had our generator hooked up to the house, so it ran everything but the air conditioner! We even had some friends over for a movie night! We were some of the lucky ones and got electricity back late Tues. night!
This whole experience has been eye opening on so many levels! Thankfully we did not have any damage at our house or our rental property! None of our families houses had much damage, but most importantly everyone was safe and unharmed! My brother had a tree fall at his house, but it fell on a patio cover instead of the house. My sister had trees down at her house, but just caused fence damage. My parent's had roof damage and the wind literally blew the chimmney hard enough that it bent.
Some of my friends and family are still without electricity! I have realized how much I take for granted and how spoiled I am! Please pray for those still without power and for those who have sustained damage to their homes! Pray for those working endlessly to restore electricity, phone service, as well as cable! Pray that people who can't afford to replenish their pantries and refrigerators find the resources available to them! A tree down the street from Grandma & Grandpa!

Our house being boarded up thanks to Uncle Barry!

Mimi & Honey's house post Ike, the lake's water was very high!