Saturday, November 08, 2008

"Old McDonald had a Farm....."

For those of you who don't know- we have a farm! James bought 150 acres in Plantersville when he was in college as an investment. He later put cows on the place, so now we have a farm! Grandma & Grandpa also have a farm on the other side of Navosota. So, every Saturday James & Grandpa go to the farms to take care of things. The farm is a lot of work, but it's also a hobby for James & his Dad. However, James would say-"It's a hobby that makes money!" That's my husband for you! He's always wheeling & dealing! Well, last Saturday afternoon Grandma & I rode up to our farm to see James & Grandpa! Abigail has been to the farm several times, but this was the first time she really noticed the cows! I was surprised that she wasn't scared of them at all! The cows were even following her around, it was so cute! Abigail loved riding around in the mule so much that it put her to sleep! Then, this Saturday I went shopping with some girlfriends while James & Granpa took Abigail to the farm for the morning! Abigail was so tired after her trip to the farm, that I had to wake her up from her afternoon nap! That never happens! If James had his way, Abigail would be going to the farm every Saturday! However, it's just strange for me to be at home without my baby girl now! The house & car are just too quiet when she's not around!

Abigail & Grandpa with the cows!

Abigail liked the cows! She wasn't scared at all!

Abigail swinging!

Abigail & Grandma swinging!

Abigail working at the farm!

Abigail sound asleep on the mule!


Caryn said...

aahhh! What a big girl at the farm! We miss you...need to get together!

Emily said...

How cute! I love that picture of her sleeping on the mule. What fun memories she'll have there as she gets older.