Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Tummy Bug"

Abigail developed a stomach virus Thurs. and has been having loose diapers ever since!  She's not eating much at all, but she's staying hydrated by drinking pedialyte.  So, I have been home bound with a sick child!  I did get to escape on Saturday night to go scrapbooking with some friends while James stayed home with Abigail.  It gets a little depressing when you've been changing nasty diapers for several days!   
When James got home from work Thurs. and  I explained to him that Abigail was sick he was telling Abigail "Mommy said that you've been poopy," she thought that was so funny!  So, we had to get a video of her being silly despite being sick!  Hopefully she'll start feeling better soon!     


Harrell Family said...

Hopefully she is feeling better!!! :)
Happy Thanksgiving :)

SAHSHA said...

Aww!! This is the funniest video!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!