Friday, December 12, 2008

"Cardiologist Appointment"

Well, this morning was Abigail's appointment with the cardiologist.  The only test the doctor had ordered was an EKG.  Abigail has become terrified of doctor's offices due to one too many trips to the pediatrician!  When we put her on the table, she immediately burst into tears!  She has associated the tables/beds at the doctor's office with getting shots!  So, Daddy held Abigail in his lap and held her arms, while I held her legs and sang "The Wheels on The Bus!" Thankfully this technique did the trick!  However, Abigail was happy when the EKG was over and said, "all done!"

When the nurse put Abigail on the scale to get her weight, she was not happy!  Then, the nurse had to be quick to get her length because she would not be still!  And Abigail would not have anything to do with getting her blood pressure taken!  Abigail kept trying to take the blood pressure cuff off saying "all done."  Abigail was crying so hard, the nurse finally gave up on getting a blood pressure reading!  Praise God!  
James & I had our minds set on good news.  However, after the cardiologist read Abigail's EKG report and listened to her heart,  "he informed us that he heard what he needed to hear and Abigail would need to have the PDA closed the first part of the year!"  James & I were both in shock even though we have known all along that if the PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) did not close on its own by the age of 1, then Abigail would need surgery.  We wanted so much to believe that the PDA had closed on its own because Abigail has done so well!  At first, I was kicking myself for not having the PDA closed when Abigail was smaller and didn't have the fear that she has now.  After shedding some tears, I remembered to count my blessings.  
  1. I am thankful that Abigail did not have to have this PDA fixed when she was born.  I'm not sure I could have taken her being put under weighing less than 2 lbs.  The Lord kept his promise in not giving me more than I could bare!  
  2.  I am thankful that Abigail did not have to have the PDA fixed when she was about 5 lbs.  Abigail's oxygen sats were not 100%.  We were also making frequent trips to the eye doctor, which was traumatic enough!
  3.   I am thankful that Abigail needed to have tubes put in her ears because that helped prepare us for any future surgeries.
  4. I am thankful that Abigail is 20 lbs., strong, & healthy! Abigail has caught up and exceeded developmentally! 
Abigail has been referred to another doctor who will preform the procedure.  We are hoping to take care of this sometime in January!  First, Abigail will need an echocardiogram, which requires sedation.  The PDA is closed by a cardiac catheterization procedure!  This is an out patient procedure, it's not really even considered surgery! A catheter is placed in a large blood vessel in the upper thigh (groin) and guided to the heart.  A small metal coil or other blocking device is passed up through the catheter and placed in the ductus arteriosus to block blood flow through the vessel.  Abigail will only have to stay in the hospital for one night just for observation.  Abigail will come home with antibiotics to prevent infection and have a few follow-up appointments with the cardiologist.  The good news is once the PDA is closed, Abigail will be just fine!  No more trips to the cardiologist and no more pending surgeries! So, I'm looking at this just like the tubes- we do the surgery and we move on!    


Emily said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Abigail has to have surgery! But I am so glad to hear what a positive and thankful outlook you have on it. Please let us know when her surgery will be; we will be praying!

Mike and Jess Richey said...

You have an amazing outlook Ashley. Please know that Abigail and the family will be in my prayers. Please keep us updated.

Lacey said...

Ashley- I had no idea. I am so sorry but thankful for great doctors and I know she will do well with her surgery. She will be in my prayers.Keep us posted on when the surgery is.

See you in a bit..