Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Merry Christmas"

We started off our Christmas celebrations by attending our church's (Woodlands Point Community Church) Christmas Eve service Sunday night! It was a beautiful candle light service and the message focused on the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our SAVIOR!  Then, tuesday night we attended one of Fellowship of the Woodlands Christmas Eve services with my family-it's a family tradition.  After the service, we all went back to Mimi & Honey's for dinner.  
In the middle of the night Christmas Eve, Abigail woke up twice wheezing!  So, I went ahead and gave her a breathing treatment and put her back to bed.  On Christmas Eve morning, Abigail vomitted in her crib when she woke up from her morning nap!  After a quick bath, we were off to James's cousins house to celebrate with his family.  Abigail had moments throughout the day where she was happy and would play, but she didn't feel good at all!  Then, it was to Grandmother's house we go to celebrate with the Pearson side of my family!  Abigail ended up vomitting again.  So, as we headed home James & went back & forth trying to decide what to do.  We decided to take Abigail to the emergency room, but then I remembered I had groceries in the car.  So, we headed home and put Abigail to bed.  We decided if she went to sleep ok then that would be better than spending all night in the emergency room.  However, she woke up 30 minutes later crying because she couldn't breathe!  
I called the pediatrician after hours line and waited over an hour for the nurse on-call to call me back!  After talking with the nurse and answering all of her questions, she told me if I could hear Abigail wheezing from across the room then we should take her to the emergency room to have her checked out!  Symptoms:  low grade temp., vomitting periodically, & wheezing, no drainage from the nose at all!  So, we were off to the ER at 10:30 pm Christmas Eve!  We anticipated being stuck there all night, but I was quite impressed we were in & out in 2 hours!  Abigail's chest x-ray showed she had bronchitis & congestion in the lungs, but no fluid on the lungs!  We were given a prescription for steriods and zpak for infants and told to continue with the breathing treatments every 4 hours!  James & I were both relieved after taking Abigail to the ER!  
Christms Day we spent the wee hours of the morning finishing up in the emergency room.  Then, we dropped off the prescriptions at Wallgreen's but were told it would take 30 minutes to fill even though there was hardly anyone in the store!  Crazy, huh?  After giving Abigail her first dose of her antibiotics and steriods, we gave her a breathing treatment and put her to bed at about 2:30 am!  We all slept in after the rought night we all had.  Then, it was time to get up & moving because we had another busy day ahead of us.  Abigail slept until 9:30 am, which she has NEVER slept that late!  Grandma & Grandpa came over for brunch and to open presents!  Even though Abigail was sick, she had fun playing with all of her new toys!  Next, we were off to Mimi & Honey's to have lunch with my family and to open presents!  Abigail was able to get in some naps during the day, which helped her feel better!  Daddy even managed to get in a nap while I was helping Mimi clean the kithchen!  
We all had a wonderful Christmas despite having a sick baby girl!  At the end of the day, we were all ready for bed!  My wonderful husband bought me tickets to go to a Proverbs 31 Ministry event at a church in Houston where the Mom from John & Kate plus 8 will be speaking!  Not only that but, James bought me 5 other tickets so I could bring some friends!  Yeah, girls night out!  I have such an awesome hubby!  
Abigail is feeling much better since she's been on antibiotics!  She sounds much better too!  We have just taken it easy yesterday & today so she could rest.   

Daddy & Abigail at Mimi & Honey's house

Abigail playing with her new stroller for her baby doll! 

Abigail is not so sure about her new slide Santa brought her!

Now, she's warming up!

Why does every child have to try to climb up the slide? 

Abigail loves her new kitchen from Grandma & Grandpa!

Abigail was scared of the rocking horse that Grandpa bought for her!  I think she'll learn to like the rocking horse with time!

Abigail with her cousins at Mimi & Honey's house.  Kayla is reading to Abigail, so cute!  


ChrissyK said...

Wow, you guys had quite the Christmas vacation. I am glad that things are going much better now. It was a quick hello at church today, but from what I saw,
Abigail seemed to be feeling just fine...that is good to see. :)

Emily said...

Poor little Abigail! The ER is no fun at all. I sure hope that next year's Christmas is not quite as eventful. I'm so glad she's feeling better now! And what fun presents you all got! I love that she's afraid of the rocking horse. That's so cute!

Caryn said...

I am sorry to hear that you had such a rough Christmas Eve! I am glad it wasn't more serious...Zoe had some labored breathing issues and slight wheezing which led us to the ER not long ago-that can be so scary! Abigail looks like she is on the mend, and man did she make out like a bandit on Christmas! I was planning on going to the Proverbs 31 Ministry thing in January too...we should hook up! I heard Lisa Turkhurst(sp?) speak in November, and she is amazing!
Talk to you soon!
Happy New Year!

Mike and Jess Richey said...

I am so glad to see Abigail is feeling better! I hope that you guys were able to get some rest too! Great pictures!