Friday, December 19, 2008

"Play Time"

Abigail loves to play outside!  There's not much for her to do in our backyard except for swing!  So, Santa is bringing her a slide for Christmas!  
An update on Abigail:  We have an appointment with the cardiologist January 6th to discuss her surgery and hopefully get it scheduled.  Abigail will have the echocardiogram done in the doctor's office the same day before we meet with the doctor.  Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement and prayers!  Today we were reminded how blessed we are that Abigail is alive and thriving!  James & I had a chance to visit with my OBGYN and he told us that it had been a long time since he had delivered a baby so close to death.  My doctor also said that Abigail would not have lived if we had gotten in the ambulance to head downtown.  God's timing was perfect-because while I was waiting for the ambulance, Abigail's heart rate dropped!  So, Abigail was delievered via emergency c-section just minutes later!  I know that God is in control of every aspect of Abigail's life!  God is good!  Thank you Lord for the gift of my precious baby girl!  I'm so blessed to be a mom! 
Abigail loves to swing!

Abigail playing ball!

Abigail loves to ride in her car.  Everytime we go into the garage, she walks over to her car and climbs in!
Abigail playing in her diaper basket!


Emily said...

Abigail will love her slide! How fun for her.

And please keep us posted on how the appointment goes. We will be praying! And yay for Dr. Rawson. He is a great doctor. God is so gracious!

SAHSHA said...

TOO CUTE! Thanks for taking the time and showing us her progress and pictures. I know how time consuming that is. We'll be praying for sweet Abigail. Love ya!
-Sahsha's Mummy