Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Christmas 2009!"

Christmas 2009 is in the books! I love Christmas time, but wish it could be more simple and get back to the meaning of what Christmas is really about, the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior! I love all the Christmas traditions of decorating trees, lights, Santa, gingerbread houses, etc.! However, it's the presents & the hustle & bustle of the Christmas holiday that needs tweaking! It's interesting how you view everything different as a parent! I don't want Abigail to get all wrapped up in the world's view of what Christmas is or become a spoiled child who thinks she should get everything she asks for for Christmas! Abigail noticed the Christmas tree & lights more this year, but didn't seem to care one way or another! She went to see Santa, but didn't understand the whole idea of Santa bringing presents! Abigail loved opening her Christmas presents, but was a bit overwhelmed and didn't understand why she was opening presents! She did learn at church & from us that God sent us Jesus, so for now that's Abigail's understanding of Christmas!
We celebrated Christmas with Papa & Grandma Christmas Eve at lunch! Then, we celebrated Christmas with the Pearson family at my Grandmother's house Christmas Eve night! My Grandmother loves baking all kinds of fudge & cookies at Christmas time! She makes the best chocolate pie & potatoe salad hands down! Christmas morning was spent at home with just our little family, which was nice! We went to Mimi & Honey's house for lunch & to celebrate with my family! Then, we stopped by James's extended family's Christmas celebration!
Abigail was very overwhelmed & overstimulated from all the new toys & long days! She got lots of baby dolls, baby beds, baby strollers, etc.! We could run a daycare for baby dolls with all the stuff we have, but Abigail loves it all! Christmas 2009 was wonderful & we are truly blessed! However, next year we will make an attempt to make things less hectic in order to enjoy & meditate on the true meaning of Christmas instead of getting wrapped up into pleasing everyone!

Abigail Christmas Day @ Mimi & Honey's with baby doll!

Abigail with baby doll @ 4 lbs.!! It's crazy to believe the doll was bigger than her!!

"I can't get this baby doll out, can someone please help me?"

Daddy reading Abigail a new book she got for Christmas!

Pearson Family Christmas! I am bad about taking pictures & always tell myself that I'm going to regret someday not having more pictures of my Grandmother with my little family!

Abigail @ Papa & Grandma's having a tea party with her baby doll!

"Look, it's a new baby!"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"The Polar Express!"

A few weeks ago, we drove to Palestine to the Texas State Railroads's depot there for "The Polar Express" train ride with my family! Since Abigail had so much fun on the "Thomas the Train" train ride, I thought it would be fun for the whole family to go to The Polar Express train ride! There were 9 adults, 5 children, & 1 infant!! Wow!! I have a big family & it's only going to get bigger since my youngest brother isn't married yet!
The children all wore their pajama's for the train ride! The weather was cold & wet, so it was a good thing we were on the train! Everyone loved the train ride! They served hot chocolate & cookies on the train & sang Christmas carols! We stopped in the North Pole & picked up Santa & his elves! They read the book "The Polar Express" over the intercom during the train ride! The train ride was only an hour, but that was long enough for the kiddos! It was fun watching everyone's faces light up with excitement & joy! The steam engine train was pretty cool to see in person! So, once again the drive to ride the train was well worth it! Abigail thought we were riding on Emily, the train from Thomas the Train! So cute!!
The whole crew!

My little family!! I love this picture!!

Daddy & his little girl!!
Abigail enjoying her cookie!!

Santa & his elves got on the train!!

Mimi & Honey with 3 of their 6 grandkids!!

Daddy & Abigail posing in front of the steam engine train!!

Daddy & Abigail posing in front of the train again!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Abigail's Reindeer Dance!"

Last week Abigail did her reindeer dance at the end of her dance class! I have tried several times to upload the video & it's not working for some reason! Oh well! She was distracted by the string around her neck holding the antlers on her head! The first part of the dance she kept pulling at the string around her neck! She danced a little bit, but then she was distracted by all the cameras pointing at her & the other little girls! For 2 year olds the girls, they did a pretty good job! Abigail did great considering she had had surgery on Monday!
Daddy & Mimi came to see her dance too! Daddy brought his little dancer flowers, so cute! I was teasing James that I had been replaced! I can't wait until Abigail's dance recital in May! It will be so fun to watch her up on the big stage at The Woodlands Pavilion!
Our last attempt at trying to get Abigail to look at the camera!

Abigail being silly!! Daddy brought her flowers!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"Christmas Fun & Surgery Recovery!"

I was out & about on Snow Day 2009, so I didn't get any pictures of Abigail playing in the snow! I tried to take some pics with my cell phone, but they look blurry & you can't see the snow! Oh well! Abigail didn't know what to think about the snow at first, but then she enjoyed running around outside saying, "it's snowing!" My mom & I took her to get her picture taken with Santa! Abigail didn't cry this year, but she wouldn't smile either! Later that day when Daddy got home from work, we made Christmas cookies! Abigail had lots of fun making cookies & playing with the cookie cutters! Although, she kept saying the dough was play-do! Abigail was covered in flour & cookie dough! It was lots of fun, but made a big mess!
Monday, Abigail had her 2nd set of ear tubes put in & her adenoids removed! The surgery was at Texas Children's in the medical center! There were lots of toys for her to play with in the waiting room to keep her occupied & when they took her for surgery, they took her in a red wagon! Abigail was such a brave little girl, I was so proud of her! The surgery went well & Abigail woke up asking for her "baby!" After eating a few popsicles, Abigail was ready to go home! On the way home from the hospital, I rode in the back seat with Abigail in case she got sick! Abigail told me, "I want a wagon!" So, Daddy had to go buy his brave little girl a wagon! Abigail slept most of the day & woke up ready to play! Daddy had the wagon waiting for her when she woke up from her nap! Daddy had to pull her in the wagon around the house because it was cold & raining outside! Daddy also bought Abigail some Thomas the Train peel-n-stick stickers to decorate the wagon! The normal recovery for this time of surgery is 2-4 days! However, Abigail just bounced right back! Of course with all that she's been through in her short life, this was no big deal! God is so good! Hopefully this surgery will help Abigail start feeling better & stay well!

Abigail sleeping in her "big girl" bed!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Thanksgiving 2009!"

Thanksgiving 2009 in the books! This is the only picture I have from Thanksgiving because I didn't have my camera! This is my family outside at my parent's house! This is everyone minus my Dad who is taking the picture & my nephew Alec! We all have so much to be thankful for this year! My sister Lindsay had a healthy baby boy in July & her husband Holland just got home from working in California for a year! My brother Barry & his wife Jamelle just bought a new home! My brother Ricky has a job he loves in Dallas where he lives with his two best friends! My Grandmother got to enjoy another Thanksgiving with her family! My Dad was blessed with another job, which he loves even though it requires lots of traveling! My Mom is blessed to live close to all but one of her children & loves getting to take care of her Grandchildren any chance she gets! God has been so good to us & blessed us in so many ways!
I had food poisoning and was sick all day the day before Thanksgiving so I had to miss dinner with the Pearson family & I wasn't able to make my maple pumpkin cheesecake I promised everyone! Thanksgiving morning, I woke up feeling better! We ate lunch with my family at my parent's house! Then, James & I went to my Grandmother's for dinner! We celebrated Thanksgiving with James's parents at their farm on Friday!
This is my third post on the blog today, trying to get caught up! I have been bad about blogging lately! We have been taking turns being sick in the Fehrle casa, so I have been busy! We take Abigail back to the ENT on Tues. to discuss a second set of tubes! I'm so thankful that we have health insurance so we can go to the doctor right away to get medicine we need to get better!

"Children's Festival!"

A few weeks ago, my sister & a friend of mine took our kids to the Children's Festival at the Woodlands Pavilion to see Barney! Abigail loved watching Barney live! It was so cute to see their faces light up when they saw Barney come out on stage! They had fun singing & dancing with Barney! The children's festival had all kinds of arts & crafts for the children! As well as booths set up from various community organizations or businesses that related to children! It was a fun event on a Saturday morning! Abigail had a blast despite how hot it was outside!
Barney performing!

Gannon, Abigail, & Audrey watching Barney!

Enjoying the show!

Abigail & Gannon dancing!

Gannon showing Abigail how to be an airplane!

Abigail posing with the Nutcracker ballet dancers!

Abigail & Gannon checking out the ambulance!

What's going on in there?

"Trip to the Children's Museum!"

Several weeks ago some friends from church & I decided to take the kids to the Children's museum downtown! I had been wanting to take Abigail for the longest time, but wanted to wait until after summer was over so it would not be so crowded! The museum has a toddler area on the second floor, which is where we spent most of our time! The toddler area was so nice because the kids were still able to explore, but without being trampled over by children on field trips! A major plus was how clean the museum was so you didn't have to worry about wiping your child down with sanitizer every 5 minutes! You will notice in the pictures that Abigail has two different outfits on due to her Daddy letting her play in the water part outside the museum! Daddy decided he wanted to join in on the fun even though he was supposed to be at home recovering from being sick! Abigail & her friends had so much fun at the museum! We will have to plan another trip sometime soon!
Jayce taking Tristan & Abigail for a drive!

Abigail & Jayce going for a drive!

Who's there?

Abigail & Tristan getting a sleigh ride!

Abigail having fun in the ball pit!

Abigail loved this car!

Abigail playing with cars!

Julian showing Abigail & Tristan how to push the cars down the track!

Abigail having fun in the tunnel!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Fun Day at the Farm!"

A few weeks ago, we had a play date with the playgroup at the farm! We all caravanned to the farm on a Friday morning & packed picnic lunches! James rigged up the trailer so we could take everyone on a hayride around the farm! We took a slide & Abigail's pink car for the kids to play with to make sure they were entertained! The kids loved the cows & some of them weren't afraid of the cows and would just walk right up to them! The cows were curious as we were eating lunch & came right up to us! The kids had so much fun riding in the mule & the tractor! Everyone had a great time & it was so much fun getting to entertain friends at the farm!
Abigail, Audrey, & Taylor in the mule!

The gang ready for the hayride!

Picnic time!

The kids loved the slide!

Michele & Taylor, Jill & Audrey

Papa with Audrey & Abigail, Jessica & Harris!

Ethan & Audrey playing with Abigail's car! The kids had so much fun pushing each other in the car!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Turkey Wobble Dance!!"

Abigail loves her dance class at Boni's! Every year Boni's has a turkey dance they teach the girls & today was Abigail's "Turkey Wobble Dance!" I was so excited to watch Abigail do her little dance! I wasn't sure how she would do when she saw her family in the room, but she did pretty good! I was very proud of my little girl! Daddy was feeling better & was able to come watch Abigail! Mimi & Honey came to see Abigail do her little dance too! Abigail would not smile for the camera, but she is one loved little girl that's for sure! Don't forget to watch the videos of Abigail's dances!! Enjoy!!
Our little family!

Abigail & Daddy!

Abigail & Mommy!

Abigail with Mimi & Mommy!

Abigail with Mimi & Honey!