Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"Cadiologist Update"

Today was a long day at the doctor's office in the medical center.  We left our house at 9 am this morning and didn't get home until around 4 pm!  Crazy, huh?  It's a good thing we left our house early because the traffic was horrible!  Abigail's appointment was at 10 am and she wasn't taken back for the echocardiogram until about 11:30 am.  So, naturally she started to get fussy because she was hungry and we couldn't give her anything.  The ultrasound tech wanted to see if Abigail would let him do the ultrasound without having to sedate her, but there was no way!  Abigail started crying as soon as we laid her on the bed!  After the nurse gave Abigail the medicine to sedate her, it took about 20 minutes before she was sound asleep!  The doctor came in and took a look at the echo and said he would talk with us when we were in a "regular" room.  So, meanwhile James & I are waiting in a room with a child who is awake and hungry!  Abigail was NOT HAPPY!  She wanted to walk, but kept falling because she was still a little drugged.  She would not drink her water or pedialyte, so finally I started feeding her some cheerios!  Abigail calmed down a little bit, but she really wanted some milk and of course I didn't have any to give her!  Finally, after the doctor returned from his lunch break I'm sure, he came in to talk with us about the PDA.  Abigail's PDA is very small, which is a good thing because that means the risks for the procedure are even less!  Praise God!!  The procedure to close the PDA will take about 3 hours and is an out patient surgery!  Abigail will get to come home the same day!  Again, Praise God!!  We have scheduled the procedure for January 26th!  We have peace of mind that this needs to be done and we feel confident with the doctor who will be doing the procedure!  The doctor has two year old son and said, "if it were my child, i'd have the PDA closed."  I could tell the doctor was not just saying that to make us feel better either, he was being genuine.  James & I both decided we don't want this PDA to be an issue for Abigail the rest of her life, so this needs to be done!  

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers! 


Harrell Family said...

Keep us updated! Yall are in my thoughts and prayers!

Lacey said...

YEAH!! Glad it is small. I know you are ready to get it over with. She will be in my prayers!!

Vintage Momma Designs said...

I am so glad that everything went okay! I will be praying for you and Abigail, as I understand that it will be an emotional day! Aren't you so thankful that Jesus has them in His Hands, especially during times like this?? Me too!!

Thinking and praying for you!

Mike and Jess Richey said...

I will continue to pray for Abigail and for your famliy! Keep us updated.