Monday, January 26, 2009

"My 30th Birthday!"

After dealing with a sick child all week, I was ready for some fun!  Abigail is feeling 100% better since getting some antibiotics!  Thank God for medicine!!  My birthday celebration began Thursday night when I went to the Proverbs 31 Ministries Girls Night Out at Champion Forest Baptist Church!  James actually bought me the tickets for Christmas!  He bought me 6 tickets, so I was able to invite 5 friends to go with me!  The speakers included Lysa Terkeurst, Renee Swope, music by Ayiesha Woods, and Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus Eight on TLC!  All of the speakers were phenomenal!!  I invited my sister, my college room mate & dear friend Caryn, my dear friend Kimberly, and Amber & Jenifer who are dear friends and in the same playgroup with me!  We all had a wonderful evening and were very thankful that I have such an awesome husband for buying the tickets!!  Kate Gosselin was signing autographs afterwards, but the line was so long that it was literally out the door!  Crazy, huh?  It was already 10:30 pm, so we settled for taking some up close pictures of Kate Gosselin signing her books!  I know that's kind of silly, but we were all so excited just to see her in person!  She is a Christian woman and it's awesome the way the Lord is using her & her family to bring glory to him.  Kate Gosselin has written a book and in the book she talks candidly about her relationship with the Lord and relying on him for strength in her daily life!  She quotes scripture after scripture in her book, it's just amazing to think about how many people may be buying the book just because they are fans of the show and are getting witnessed to through the book!   
My actual birthday was on Saturday, so James only went to the farm for the morning instead of the whole day!  James's parents took us to lunch and his mom had bought a cake!  Abigail was a big fan of the chocolate cake! What girl doesn't love chocolate?  Then, Saturday night my parents babysat while James & I went to Kirby's for dinner!  Kirby's is where we had our first date, which was a double date arranged by my parents and a friend as a birthday surprise for me!  James & I love going to Kirby's because the food is wonderful, but also because it's a sentimental place for us!  James bought me a flip camera for my birthday, so I'm excited about getting some cute video clips of Abigail!  Last night, I celebrated my birthday with my family!  
I had wonderful birthday and I'm so blessed to have such an awesome family & friends!  It still seems weird that I'm actually 30, it just doesn't seem right!  Age is only a number and doesn't matter at all, but seriously where does the time go?  It seemed like time went by so slow when I was in college and counting the days down until the break in between semesters or waiting to find my husband or waiting to become a Mommy and now time just flies by!  Birthdays remind me how blessed I am and to enjoy each day and every moment and to live life to the fullest!    

James & I before we went to Kirby's!  

Abigail really enjoyed the chocolate cake!

Kate Gosselin signing autographs!  

More pics of Kate Gosselin, I'm not a stalker fan I promise!


Lacey said...

Glad Abigale is feeling better and glad you had a GREAT 30th!!

Mike and Jess Richey said...

What a great birthday! Yes, you are blessed!

ChrissyK said...

Happy Birthday!!

I am not too sure what to think of Kate's hair...I like it..but unsure if it is a style that I could pull off. It looks hard to keep up, especially with 8 kids. :) very cool and diff though.

Glad you had a great birthday and a blast. Your hubby is a keeper. :)

Emily said...

I'm so glad you had such a great birthday! And I'm so glad Abigail is feeling so much better.

Imee Elizabeth said...

Happy belated birthday! Welcome to the 30's. They are not as bad as they seem.