Monday, February 02, 2009

"Busy Bee!"

Abigail was a busy girl last week!  First, she found her sunglasses in her closet while I was hanging up her clothes and she has been wearing them ever since!  It's so cute because sometimes she puts them on upside down!  The sunglasses go with her everywhere just like her pink purse!  Thursday afternoon, we met my sister and nephew at the Woodlands mall so the kids could play at the Children's Musuem!  Abigail had a blast running around everywhere looking at everything and playing with all the cool toys!  I think her favorite part was playing in the big sand box!  Thursday night, Abigail played outside while we waited for Grandma & Grandpa to pick us up to go out to dinner!  Saturday, Abigail & I went to visit my Grandmother for the day!  I'm very close to my Grandmother and want to make sure that Abigail gets to spend as much time with her as possible!  Sunday, we went to my friend Julie's new house for the Super Bowl party with our playgroup friends!  Julie rented a bouncy house for the kids and Abigail had a ball bouncing in the house!  Abigail spotted the cows next door, so she had Daddy take her to see them!  She had lots of fun playing in Grace's playroom!  
Abigail continues to learn new things everyday!  She is learning to count and repeats "one" "two!"  She's working on her ABC's too, and can repeat "ABCD!"  Abigail is learning to say "Jesus" and says "Amen" at the end of a prayer!  Today she sneezed and said "bless you!"  I thought I was hearing things, but thought it was so cute!  Abigail is such a happy little girl and it always smiling and laughing!  Its so fun to watch her learn and grow!    
Abigail playing in the bouncy house!

Grace, Audrey & Abigail go tumbling down!

Abigail having lots of fun bouncing with Grace!

Super Star!!  Abigail's new favorite thing to do is wear her sunglasses everywhere!!

Abigail and her cousin Gannon at the Children's Musuem!


KnowlesFamily said...

She is getting so big! I love that you frequently update your blog, I check it all the time. BTW- so jealous that you got to hear Kate Gosselin!

Lauren Ashly said...

She is way too cute. I can't believe she is getting so big :)

Preecemom said...

I can't believe she leaves those glasses on- crazy!