Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Good Times!!"

We have been spending lots of time outside these last few weeks!  Abigail loves playing outside and really enjoys going to the park!  We love to go to Bear Branch Park in The Woodlands because it's toddler friendly!  Also, for someone like Abigail who is vertically challenged, she's able to play on just about all the play equipment there without my assistance!!  
Abigail on the see saw!

My parent's celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary last Sunday!  My siblings and I cooked dinner for them and got them a wedding cake!  Instead of gifts, we decided to give them toasts in honor of their marriage!  My parents have been an amazing example of a Christian marriage!  They truly respect one another and are just as in love today as the day the met!  It's not unusual to find my parents walking hand and hand or cuddling on the couch!  They do everything together and can't stand to be apart!  Thank you Mom & Dad for providing such a wonderful example of a Christian marriage!   
This is the whole family minus Holland (my brother-in-law) and my nephew Alec!

My wonderful parents!

This pictures was taken by James while him & Abigail were having a "Daddy Daughter Night!"  James told me they were having a tea party with all of Abigail's babies and stuffed animals, notice they all had to have a purse too!  It's so cute to see James get down on the floor and play silly games to make his little girl happy!!  What a good Daddy!!  


Lacey said...

Awww..we need to get Hadley and Abby girl together to play! :) We love bear branch. And love it when daddy's play tea time with their girls. So cute!

Mike and Jess Richey said...

What a great daddy!! I love the sweet little sundress she has on in the first couple of pictures! Too cute!

Emily said...

I love how she gave her dolls purses! That's so cute. She's such a purse kinda girl.