Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Birthday Parties!"

Last weekend was a birthday filled weekend!  We had one birthday party on Saturday and then my nephew's birthday party on Sunday!  With Easter and then all the birthday parties, Abigail has become quite addicted to sugar!  To be more specific, it's cake and cookies that she loves and requests!  One day this week, she had several melt downs because I would not give her any cookies!  So, when James got home from work she was trying to trick James into taking her to see "Pa Pa" because he'll give her cookies and M & M's!  Well, that didn't work because we were trying to get dinner ready!  So, while we were eating dinner, Abigail started singing "Happy Birthday," with high hopes that she would get some cake!  Her little tricks did not work on Mommy or Daddy!  She's a sneaky little thing, and way too smart for her own good!  So, I have been on a mission to find sweet treats for little ones that don't contain a ton of sugar!  I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find special snack treats with low sugar content!  The best I could come up with were plain animal crackers, which contain 7 grams of sugar!  So, if any of you fellow bloggers have any suggestions let me know!  I guess 7 grams of sugar is better than 20 plus grams of sugar that are in fruit snacks, huh?    
Don't worry none of this candy came home with us!  We let the big kids take it home!

Abigail loves bouncies!  


Caryn said...

cute swing pictures! We have to get together soon, seriously!

Lacey said...

Cute, cute, cute. You can tell she just loves life! Love the swing picture. And thank you for your sweet words and prayers. They are appreciated!! :)

Emily said...

That is too funny!! She's loving that sugar. I love that she's trying everything to get some!

ChrissyK said...

Those swing pictures are beautiful. They should be framed.