Sunday, April 05, 2009

"Blue Bonnets!"

Earlier this week, Abigail & I went to Creekside Park with the play group to get some blue bonnet pictures!  Well, the blue bonnets were few & far between and Abigail would not sit still for me to take a picture!  Today after church, we spent the afternoon at Grandma & Grandpa's farm and got some much better blue bonnet pictures!  You can't live in Texas and not have blue bonnet pictures, it's just a given!!  
Abigail had her follow-up doctor's appointment with her Cardiologist on Tues.!  Abigail was such a trooper!  She shocked us all by cooperating with getting weighed & getting her blood pressure checked, which NEVER happens!  Then, she laid perfectly still while they did the Echocardiogram, so Abigail did not have to be sedated!  James & I were so proud of our brave little girl!  The doctor said her heart looks great & that the artery is completely closed!  Abigail will always have what is considered an "innocent murmur," but is no big deal!  Praise God!!!  
Look at that cute dress!

Now, this is a good blue bonnet pic!

Abigail riding on the mule!

Blue Bonnets at Grandma & Grandpa's farm!

Abigail swinging with Grandma!

Our 1st attempt at Blue Bonnet pictures!


ChrissyK said...

Oh wow, those are amazing bluebonnet pictures. Abigail is a cutie.

The field of bluebonnets is beautiful. How lucky they are to get to see that every day.

Lacey said...

Those are beautiful!! Grandma and Grandpa's farm definitely had more!! Loving Abigails new wardrobe too- momma's been shopping. :)

Mike and Jess Richey said...

Great pictures Ashley! Abigail is so cute!

Emily said...

What great pictures! That last picture looked just like our blue bonnet pictures! Ha! Next time we won't go to that park.