Monday, April 13, 2009

"Easter 2009"

Last week was a long & busy week for the Fehrle family!  The week started off with someone running a stop sign and plowing through our garage door pushing my parked car in the garage, out the garage wall into our backyard!  So, the first part of the week was spent dealing with the insurance company and getting estimates for the damage done to my home & vehicle!  Then, James got sick with strep throat!  So, he was laid up on the couch for a few days!  I spent two days cleaning the house because we were having people over Thurs. night & Friday morning!  I have to break up my days cleaning because Abigail is afraid of the vacuum cleaner, so I have to wait until she's sleeping to vacuum & mop!  This is why I have a maid come once a month!  
Thurs. night, we hosted our smallgroup social night at our home & we all had a wonderful time!  I was so happy to see that the children felt at home and all played so well together!  Then, on Friday morning we had our playgroup over for an Easter Egg hunt!  The playgroup has been together since they were babies & now they're toddlers!  We hid the eggs in the front yard for better pictures!  James & I were very impressed by how well Abigail did hunting the Easter eggs & putting them in her basket!  We let her enjoy some of the cupcakes I bought for the party & she had icing all over her face!  We went to our church's Good Friday service Friday night!  It was a wonderful night of worship & reflecting on the real meaning of Easter!
Easter Sunday morning started out with an Easter egg hunt at Grandma & Grandpa's house!  Then, we were off to the Easter Sunday service at our church!  The afternoon was spent at Mimi & Honey's house where we ate lunch & had yet another Easter egg hunt!  The day started off rainy, but by the afternoon the sun had come out!  It was a beautiful day!  Abigail has eaten way too much sugar the last few days, now she detoxing!  All of the candy was either thrown away or sent with Daddy to work today, so it's no longer in the house!
I'm so thankful for the cross and for the gift of my Salvation!  I can't wait for the day that Abigail really understands what Easter is all about!   
Easter Egg Hunt with Play group friends!

Hunting eggs!

Attempting to get all the kids to sit for a picture, not going to happen!!  This is only half of the group!!

Abigail playing with a toy she got out of one of her Easter Eggs!

Abigail enjoyed eating a cupcake!

Easter Morning!

Hunting eggs at Grandma & Grandpa's under the patio due to the rainy weather!

Easter 2009!

My siblings & their families at Mimi & Honey's house!


Emily said...

Ya'll had a busy week! I'm so glad no one was hurt in the garage incident. That's too crazy. Thanks for having us over for small group. There were SO many of us, and the kids did great. We had such a fun time!

Lauren Ashly said...

What a cute family :)