Monday, April 20, 2009

"Lions, Tigers, & Bears Oh My...."

Last week, my sister & I decided to take our kids to the ZOO!  This was Abigail's 1st time to go to the zoo!  I was nervous about taking Abigail somewhere like the zoo without James because Abigail won't stay in the stroller long at all!  My sister is expecting another baby in July, so she had the double stroller handy and ready to go!  Thankfully, Abigail tolerated the stroller a little better since she was riding with her cousin Gannon!  Abigail loved looking at all the animals, but didn't want to get to close!  The zoo has a children's area where they have a petting zoo as well as a playground!  Abigail walked around in the petting zoo, but would not pet the goats!  She loved getting some time out of the stroller to play on the playground!  I wanted to take the train ride around the zoo, but we ran out of time this trip!  We plan to make more trips to the zoo, so hopefully I'll get better pictures next time!    
Looking at the Giraffes!

Can you tell it's WAY past their nap time?

Notice how far away Abigail is standing from the goats!

She's on the run in this picture because the goat got a little too close for comfort!


ChrissyK said...

Cute. That first trip to the zoo is one to remember.

Preecemom said...

Get a membership! We used the heck out of ours last year, and it's very reasonable. Plus, there are a lot of bonuses that only members get (like Members only nights at the Zoo)

Lacey said...

Awww...we love the zoo too. We got a membership for Valentine's day from my parents and we still haven't gone. Looks like a fun time!

Mike and Jess Richey said...

What fun!!!!!