Friday, May 22, 2009


One day this week, Abigail woke up from her nap singing her ABC's in her crib!  I ran and got the camera to record it, but the video is dark because I was standing outside her room & couldn't turn the hall light because she would stop singing!  I have attempted to get her to sing her ABC's for me to record her, but she will not perform on command!  I'm afraid she gets that strong willed stubborn personality from her Mommy!  So, turn up your volume & enjoy hearing my precious daughter sing her ABC's!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

"Raccoon Adventure!"

So, for a few weeks now I have been hearing something in our attic!  I wasn't sure what it was, but it sounded like a person was walking around up there!  Then, it sounded like whatever it was was trying to claw it's way through the wall!  James brought a trap home & attempted to trap the animal, but was unsuccessful!  So, I contacted Wildscapes, which is a company that gets unwanted critters out of your home!  Yesterday, was the big day to get rid of the raccoons!!  First, the man went up in the attic, but couldn't get to where they were.  Next, we heard the raccoon moving around above our dining room.  Then, he drilled a hole in the ceiling & stuck a camera up there to find the culprits!  Once he located the animals, he made a hole in our ceiling large enough to get his body through to get the animals out!  So, one by one he pulled 4 raccoon babies out!  Then, he used 2 of the babies to trap the Mama coon!  Mission accomplished!!  We are happy to have a home that is "coon free" again!  The babies were about 4-6 weeks old, which means the Mama coon came in through our garage while we didn't have a garage door due to someone driving through it!  The Wildscapes man will take the raccoon family & release them in the national forest!  This whole ordeal cost us $360 & we have a hole in our ceiling that needs to be repaired!  You would think we lived out in the woods on a farm or something, but I guess we do live in "The Woodlands!"  
1st two babies caught!

2nd set of babies being used in the trap in order to get the Mama coon!

Mission accomplished!!

Mama coon reunited with her babies!

Abigail playing in her room while the Mama coon was being caught!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Before & After"

James & I recently purchased our most recent investment property.  The exciting thing about this house is that it will be our next home.  However, since it's just the three of us, we aren't ready for a such a big home at the moment.  So, we will rent it out for a year or two before we move in.  For those of you that don't know, I follow real estate in the area closely and look for homes in the 77380 & 77381 zip codes only.  We look for homes that are not too far back in The Woodlands that it takes you 20 minutes to get to I-45.  What attracted me to this home was the price per square foot & overall potential of the home.  The previous owners had started updating the home, so the only thing the home needed was paint!  We lucked out and got a good deal on the home because it had been on the market for over a year & it was vacant!  That's what happens when someone tries to update a home themselves & has no clue what they're doing! We have quite a long list of things we want to do to the home besides paint, but will have to do them over time.  The next thing we would like to do is get rid of the "doo doo" color paint on the outside of the house.  The only thing we didn't like about this home are the 8 ft ceilings in the living room!  We decided we will have our dream home some day when we build on our farm!    

Here are the After pics:
Front of house (I didn't get a before pic!  The flower beds were so overgrown you could not see the front of the house!) 
Living Room looking into dining room & kitchen!  (We would like to put wood floors down instead of tile in the living room!)
Kitchen (It's got granite countertops with  a stone backsplash!)
Gameroom upstairs
Looking up stairwell!
Front Door (Yes, those windows have got to go!)
Dining Room!
Another view of living room!  (We want to take the wet bar out & do a built-in entertainment center!)
Another view of living room!  (I'm thinking I should stain the mantel darker! Don't tell James!)

Here are the before pics:
Kitchen had the walnut looking stain that screamed late 70's & 80's!
Kitchen again
Front door- looks so dingy! 
Dining room- Seriously why would you put down blond wood floor & not paint the woodworks!
Living Room- feels like the walls are caving in on you!
Another view of living room!
Sorry, another kitchen pic!
Gameroom upstairs
Stairwell again!

Monday, May 11, 2009

"Another Day at the Zoo!!"

Last week, my sister & I took the kids to the zoo again!  We decided to go first thing in the morning before their nap times!  Abigail likes looking at the animals, but still won't get too close and clings to me for dear life!  After walking around looking at all the big animals, we took the kids to the "children's zoo" for them to run around and play!  We brought their swimsuits this time so they could play in the water!  Abigail & Gannon had a blast playing in the water!  My sister & I were smart this time and brought lunches from home!  The only downfall to going earlier in the day is there's lots of kids on field trips!  Abigail was lucky she didn't get trampled on by the big kids at the play ground!  We even managed to squeeze in a ride on the train before we headed home!  The one picture I had taken of Abigail & I riding the train will not download from my camera for some reason, so frustrating!  Abigail & Gannon were both exhausted and were asleep as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot!  Abigail actually slept for 3 1/2 hours= one happy mommy!  
Friday morning, my sister & I took the kids to the Children's Museum at the mall to let them play and then the museum had a "parachute play" time!  The parachute reminded me of my childhood when we would play with the parachutes during P.E. class!  We couldn't eat at the mall without eating Chick-fil-A for lunch of course!  Abigail ate all 4 of her chicken nuggets, which usually never happens!  Then, I watched Abigail & Gannon play at "The Tree" while my sister did some shopping!  It was a little stressful trying to keep my eyes on two toddlers that were running in opposite directions!  I would NEVER let Abigail play at "The Tree" until recently!  I figured she's a toddler and in & around all kinds of germs all the time anyways, so what the heck!  However, I do pull out the baby wipes and wipe Abigail down as soon as we get in the car!  It totally grosses me out to see parents letting their babies who are crawling & not walking yet, crawl around on "The Tree"!  By the way, The Children's Museum at the mall is a perfect place to take your kids to get some energy out!  I accomplished my mission once again of wearing my toddler out so she would take a nice long nap so I could have some "Mommy time!"   
On another note, I had a wonderful Mother's Day!!  I'm disappointed to say that I did not take any pictures to capture the day, nope not one picture!  I have been sooo bad about taking pictures lately!  The day started by meeting James's parents for breakfast a Cracker Barrel before church!  After church, Abigail was ready for a nap & so were Mommy & Daddy!  I made my first Blackberry Cobbler using fresh blackberries that James & I picked at our farm on Saturday!  I'm always nervous about making things I've never made before and serving to other people, but I must admit that Blackberry Cobbler was GOOD!  Then Sunday evening, we had a shrimp boil with my family at my parent's house and then went swimming!  What a wonderful day spending time with family!    

Abigail & Gannon playing in the water!