Monday, May 18, 2009

"Raccoon Adventure!"

So, for a few weeks now I have been hearing something in our attic!  I wasn't sure what it was, but it sounded like a person was walking around up there!  Then, it sounded like whatever it was was trying to claw it's way through the wall!  James brought a trap home & attempted to trap the animal, but was unsuccessful!  So, I contacted Wildscapes, which is a company that gets unwanted critters out of your home!  Yesterday, was the big day to get rid of the raccoons!!  First, the man went up in the attic, but couldn't get to where they were.  Next, we heard the raccoon moving around above our dining room.  Then, he drilled a hole in the ceiling & stuck a camera up there to find the culprits!  Once he located the animals, he made a hole in our ceiling large enough to get his body through to get the animals out!  So, one by one he pulled 4 raccoon babies out!  Then, he used 2 of the babies to trap the Mama coon!  Mission accomplished!!  We are happy to have a home that is "coon free" again!  The babies were about 4-6 weeks old, which means the Mama coon came in through our garage while we didn't have a garage door due to someone driving through it!  The Wildscapes man will take the raccoon family & release them in the national forest!  This whole ordeal cost us $360 & we have a hole in our ceiling that needs to be repaired!  You would think we lived out in the woods on a farm or something, but I guess we do live in "The Woodlands!"  
1st two babies caught!

2nd set of babies being used in the trap in order to get the Mama coon!

Mission accomplished!!

Mama coon reunited with her babies!

Abigail playing in her room while the Mama coon was being caught!


Harrell Family said...

HA HA HA That is awesome! Glad to hear all non-pets are gone :)

Todd & Kimberly Fagan said...

Congrats...I'm sure that was frustrating...glad it's over now! Too bad you can't get some sort of tax deduction from a wildlife organization for making sure they made it out alive.

KnowlesFamily said...

WoW-- that is crazy! I am glad you took pictures, that was fun to look at.

Emily said...

That's so funny. I'm so glad your home is coon free again! That stinks that it cost so much money. Just bill that lady who drove through your garage... just kidding!