Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Abigail's 2nd Birthday Party with Friends!"

Last Saturday afternoon, we had another birthday party for Abigail with her friends!  We had a double birthday party with Abigail's friend Audrey whose birthday is a few days before Abigail's!  We went with a Princess theme for this party!  We had baby pools for the kids to play in since it was so HOT outside!  We also had a Princess Castle bouncy for the kids!  Abigail loves bouncies!!  Abigail had so much fun at her birthday party!  Abigail was going back & forth from playing in the water to jumping in the bouncy!  The girls LOVED their birthday cake that was decorated with a Princess Castle!  The girls also got LOTS of presents!!  I think that both Audrey & Abigail had so much fun at their party that they were both ready for a nap!!  Thank you to all of our friends who were able to come to the birthday party!! 
I joined a playgroup when Abigail was only about 3 months old!  Some of the kids have been friends since they were just weeks old!  We have added some more friends along the way & now several of the Mommy's in the group have had their 2nd baby!  We aren't able to get together as often anymore due to all of our hectic schedules!  I just love my playgroup girls & hope that we are able to keep in touch and watch our children grow up together! 

Audrey & Abigail swimming before their guests arrive!

The girls Princess Bouncy!

Look at that adorable cake & it was very yummy!!

Audrey blew out the candle because Abigail didn't know what to think about the candle!
Enjoying their birthday cake!

Getting all sugared up!! Yummy!!

Abigail & Mommy!!  

Attempting to get the girls to pose for a pic on the couch together- not going to happen!!

Abigail looking at her birthday card that sang "It's my party, I can cry if I want to..."  She loves cards that sing!! 

Playgroup friends & not everyone was there for the picture!

Abigail & Audrey playing in the bouncy with their buddy Harris!

The Curry Family & The Fehrle Family after the party!

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