Monday, June 22, 2009

"My Baby Girl is 2 today!!"

Today is officially Abigail's 2nd Birthday!!!  It's hard to believe how quickly the last 2 years have gone by!  I had no idea how much having a child literally changes your life forever!!  I am so blessed to have such a beautiful happy healthy little girl!  Abigail brings so much joy to her family!  It seems like it was yesterday when I was in the hospital with preeclampsia and was taken for an emergency c-section because Abigail's heart rate had dropped!  I was put to sleep within minutes so that my baby girl could come into this world fighting for her life!  I will always vividly remember the day Abigail was born!  I was scared to death on one hand, but also had an overwhelming sense of peace knowing that Abigail was in God's hands!  Abigail has overcome so much in her short little life!  Someday Abigail will be old enough for me to tell her the story of her birth and how she had so many family, friends, & even complete strangers praying for her!  God is so good!!  I love you so much baby girl and I'm so blessed to be your Mommy!  I love the way you wake up happy every morning!  I love hearing you talk, sing, & laugh!  It makes me so happy to see a smile on your sweet little face!  I love watching you play & learn new things!  I love your imagination & how you can't go anywhere without your baby, blankie, purse, cell phone, & sunglasses!  I love watching you dance & jump up & down!  You are truly a gift from God!!  Happy Birthday Abigail!!

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Todd & Kimberly Fagan said...

How sweet...this post made me cry tears of joy! Happy Birthday Abigail!!!