Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"Swim Lessons"

Last night, we took Abigail to her first swim lessons!  She's in the Baby Ducks II class at FINS, which is for 13-24 months!  One of the parents participates with the child and the class is at night, so James is able to come along!  Abigail is older than the other 2 kids in the class!  The classes are small, which is awesome!!  Abigail LOVED the swim lessons!!  She was so excited about going under water, it doesn't bother her one bit!  The fact that Abigail has no fear of the water is the reason why we decided it was time for swim lessons!  I can't wait until next week's swim lesson!! 

Daddy & Abigail



Eating a popsicle outside!


Lacey said...

awww..I didn't know they did swim lessons this young. That is great to know!!

ChrissyK said...

These are soo cute. I am so glad that she had a wonderful time.

Caitlyn had swim lessons with her daddy last year and that is something that she quickly reminded me of this year... that swimming was something that DADDY does with her. Haha.

Mike and Jess Richey said...

How fun!! What a great bonding experience for Abigail and Daddy!

Imee Elizabeth said...

Ashley, FINS is my friend Whitney's parent's company. She's been in our small group since we took over leadership. Their family is great and so is FINS. Are you at The Woodlands or Spring location?

Preecemom said...

She looks so cute! Melanie has no fear either. Makes me a nervous wreck!