Friday, July 24, 2009

"Home Makeover"

A few weeks ago, James & I finally started updating the home we live in.  We have been needing to replace the backdoors because they were wood & cracked.  So, one Sunday while James stayed home with the Abigail because she was sick, I went to church because it was our week to serve in the nursery.  I came home and didn't have a back door at all, James had started the process of changing out the doors all by himself.  If you know my husband, he can stand to sit still.  Then, we replaced the laminate flooring in the utility, kitchen, breakfast room, entry way, & Abigail's bathroom with tile.  Well, my brother did the tile work, we just picked out the tile & paid him for his work.  Then the following Sunday, James & his workers pulled out the carpet in the living room & dinning room & installed laminate wood floors.  They finished in one day, which was a good thing because both Abigail & I were getting fussy with the house being under construction.  I had a hard time with the house being messy.  Abigail was very upset that her toys were not where they were supposed to be!  She had several very big temper tantrums and was back to her sweet self once the house was back in order.  I love my new floors & I'm so happy to have finally gotten rid of the nasty stained carpet!  Now, I need some rugs for under the coffee table & dinning room table.  It's much harder to find rugs than I anticipated, so it might be a while before I find something I like that has the right colors.  These pics are for all you bloggers who aren't on facebook.  
Old kitchen floors!
You can see the carpet stains in these pics!

More nasty carpet pics!

Dinning room with carpet!

Living room after!

Another view of living room after!

Dinning room after!

New kitchen floors!

New kitchen floors!


ChrissyK said...

Your house looks wonderful. It is amazing to see how wood floors and tile can make such a difference.
Also... very nice taste in colors. :o)

Emily said...

The floors look amazing! I'm sure you are all loving the change. Great job!

Preecemom said...

Everything looks fabulous!

Lacey said...

ASHLEY, I am impressed!! What a great make-over. You guys are so good at doing that!! Awesome!! It took me forever to find rugs too... Pottery Barn always had a good selection. :)