Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Pool Time!"

This is my 3rd post to the blog today!  I have been so bad about blogging lately!  We have been very busy & time just seems to get away from me these days!  My cousin Renee is visiting from California with her two kids & my Aunt Sandra got them a room at the Woodlands Resort & Conference Center so they could enjoy the awesome pool!  We took advantage of hanging out at the pool!  Abigail loved the kiddie pool because she could just walk around!  She also loved the beach front entrance of the big pool!  Abigail & I spent some time swimming Friday morning, then we went back Friday night after James finished working!  Friday night, The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center showed a movie poolside!  How fun is that, to get to watch a movie while you're swimming!  Abigail had a blast, but was up way past her bedtime!  She finally said, "Ready, home!"  Abigail is starting to say phrases & short sentences!  It's so fun to be able to communicate with her!  Of course, when Abigail gets excited she doesn't always make sense when she's talking, but it's still cute!
Abigail & Daddy in the kiddie pool!

Daddy & Abigail swimming!

See the movie screen in the background!  Pretty cool!

The whole crew enjoying the pool!

Abigail swimming at Grandma & Pa Pa's house!

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