Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Abigail's 1st Dance Class at Boni's!!

Last week, Abigail went to her 1st dance class at Boni's dance studio!  I have dreamed about this moment since the time that I found out I was having a baby girl!  My parent's didn't have the money to put me in dance & gymnastics when I was a little girl!  My parent's did put me in dance when I was a little older because I really wanted to take dance & gymnastics.  However,  it was too late because I was frustrated that I couldn't do what all my other friends were doing, so I just gave up!  I feel very blessed that I have such a wonderful husband who works so hard to provide for his family and help make all our dreams come true!  I'm so thankful that I'm able to put Abigail in dance and other activities at such an early age!  I want to teach her to live an active lifestyle!  I will let her decide what she likes doing whether it's dance, gymnastics, swimming, or something else she decides to try as she gets older!  I just want her to know that it's important to stay active, that's something I'm having to learn as an adult!
I wasn't sure how Abigail would do going to dance because this would be the 1st time for her to go into a class without James or myself participating!  James did the swim lessons with Abigail over the summer & I did gymnastics with her!  As I was putting Abigail in her adorable leotard and pink tights that I had so much fun picking out, she was wanting me to hold her and was being very clingy!  When we got to the dance studio, I put her ballet shoes on her and showed her all the other little girls that would be her new friends!  I took her in the class and told the teacher her name and quickly left the room!  I was very proud of my little girl for not crying!  Abigail was a little shy at first, but she warmed up and did pretty good for her first day of dance!  Abigail was so excited that her Mimi and cousin Kayla came to watch her!  I wasn't able to get very good pictures of Abigail in her dance outfit, but I will keep trying to get some more pics!  I love Abigail's dance teacher Mrs. Carla, she was so good with all the little girls!  It's going to be so fun watching Abigail as she learns how to dance!    


Emily said...

Oh my gosh, she looks SO cute! I'm sure she'll love dancing at Boni's. I can't wait to see more pictures!

Mike and Jess Richey said...

How precious is she!?!? Love the sweet dance outfit. I hope Abigail continues to have fun at dance!

Kristyn said...

So sweet!! I can't wait to see more pics..and maybe even a video? :)