Sunday, September 06, 2009


I have been so bad about updating my blog lately!  I have also been bad about taking pictures of Abigail!  Here are some pics from her 1st day of Gymnastics at Flips this fall!  Abigail participated in gymnastics over the summer, but I didn't take any pictures!  So, I was sure to get some pics on her 1st day this time around!  Flips has a Diaper Daredevil class where the parents participate with the child!  Abigail loves it!!  She especially loves jumping on the trampoline!  Abigail's friend Tristan is in the class with her!  I debated not putting Abigail in gymnastics again because I didn't want her to be in too much, plus I really didn't want to have to participate again!  However, Abigail loves gymnastics so much, so I signed her up again!  I figure these younger years are when kids are just getting a feel for what they like & don't like to do, so it's not hurting anything!  Plus, all of these activities get us out of the house & Abigail thrives on being around people and doing things!  I promise I'm not one of those moms who has to have my child in EVERYTHING!  I will have Abigail choose one thing to participate in by the time she's in school whether it's dance, gymnastics, swimming, sports, or music! 

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ChrissyK said...

Look at those pigtails. too cute!