Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Labor Day at the Farm!"

I know this post is a little late, but better late than never right?  On Labor Day, we went to the farm and had some friends join us for the day!  Our good friends Julian & Jennifer and their two little boys came to see the farm!  Tristan is the same age as Abigail and it's so cute to watch the two of them interact!  They got to see the cows & ride in the mule!  Of course, James had to make sure Tristan got to ride in one of the tractors as well!  We even had a picnic lunch to top off all the fun!  Jennifer & I spent most of the time chatting while the boys & Abigail rode on the mule & tractors!  Their 4 month old son Aiden even took a nap in a little travel bed on the patio table!  Jennifer & I took the opportunity to to take a ride on the mule while we could, so I was able to show Jennifer around the farm!  We all had lots of fun despite the fact that it was still pretty hot outside!  Good times with good friends!!

Abigail & Daddy in the tractor!

Julian taking Tristan for a ride in the tractor!  Look at the big smiles on those faces!!

"There they go...."

Aiden chilling in his travel bed!  Too cute!!

Abigail riding in the mule with PaPa!

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