Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Serve Our City!!"

Last Sunday, we participated in Woodlands Point Community Church's "Serve our City!"  Woodlands Point served a single foster mom, served a single mom with 11 kids, ministered to youth in a juvenile detention facility, organized the pregnancy assistant center's thrift shop, conducted food drive for the homeless, & served the elderly in our community!  Our community group served the elderly in our community by helping them out with some yard work!  I love our community group and it was an awesome opportunity for us to serve our community together!  The people we met were so appreciative!  I loved seeing the smile on their faces after all the work was done!  "Again Jesus said, "Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you!""  John 20:21  
Another reason why James & I love our church is that we are reminded, we are called to do much more than just go to church on Sundays!  We are called to worship Christ, live in community, get equipped for ministry, & live on mission!  We live in a broken world!  There are people hurting & in need all around us!  
Last week, I was reminded why I was called into the social work profession.  I have always loved helping people and helping others help themselves.  However, the liberal side of the social work profession has turned me off.  I discovered my passion for the elderly during college when I was volunteering at a nursing home in Waco.  I am praying about how God can use my social work knowledge & skills.  
I look forward to continuing to serve the elderly in our community.  I am excited to see how the Lord continues to use Woodlands Point Community Church to serve our community!
Disclaimer:  I am not a good photographer & due to rainy weather only got a few pics of the group!     
Some of our Community Group getting instructions from Ms. Lana!

Some of the guys working on "the forest" in the backyard!

Julian & James working hard!

Amber & Emily didn't mind getting their hands dirty!

Trace, Carl, & Emily loading up yard debris!

Trace loading up yard debris!

Jennifer multi-tasking!!

Lisa & Jennifer kept an eye on the kiddos!

The kiddos playing in the yard!

The kiddos playing ball between two houses!

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