Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Thanksgiving 2009!"

Thanksgiving 2009 in the books! This is the only picture I have from Thanksgiving because I didn't have my camera! This is my family outside at my parent's house! This is everyone minus my Dad who is taking the picture & my nephew Alec! We all have so much to be thankful for this year! My sister Lindsay had a healthy baby boy in July & her husband Holland just got home from working in California for a year! My brother Barry & his wife Jamelle just bought a new home! My brother Ricky has a job he loves in Dallas where he lives with his two best friends! My Grandmother got to enjoy another Thanksgiving with her family! My Dad was blessed with another job, which he loves even though it requires lots of traveling! My Mom is blessed to live close to all but one of her children & loves getting to take care of her Grandchildren any chance she gets! God has been so good to us & blessed us in so many ways!
I had food poisoning and was sick all day the day before Thanksgiving so I had to miss dinner with the Pearson family & I wasn't able to make my maple pumpkin cheesecake I promised everyone! Thanksgiving morning, I woke up feeling better! We ate lunch with my family at my parent's house! Then, James & I went to my Grandmother's for dinner! We celebrated Thanksgiving with James's parents at their farm on Friday!
This is my third post on the blog today, trying to get caught up! I have been bad about blogging lately! We have been taking turns being sick in the Fehrle casa, so I have been busy! We take Abigail back to the ENT on Tues. to discuss a second set of tubes! I'm so thankful that we have health insurance so we can go to the doctor right away to get medicine we need to get better!

"Children's Festival!"

A few weeks ago, my sister & a friend of mine took our kids to the Children's Festival at the Woodlands Pavilion to see Barney! Abigail loved watching Barney live! It was so cute to see their faces light up when they saw Barney come out on stage! They had fun singing & dancing with Barney! The children's festival had all kinds of arts & crafts for the children! As well as booths set up from various community organizations or businesses that related to children! It was a fun event on a Saturday morning! Abigail had a blast despite how hot it was outside!
Barney performing!

Gannon, Abigail, & Audrey watching Barney!

Enjoying the show!

Abigail & Gannon dancing!

Gannon showing Abigail how to be an airplane!

Abigail posing with the Nutcracker ballet dancers!

Abigail & Gannon checking out the ambulance!

What's going on in there?

"Trip to the Children's Museum!"

Several weeks ago some friends from church & I decided to take the kids to the Children's museum downtown! I had been wanting to take Abigail for the longest time, but wanted to wait until after summer was over so it would not be so crowded! The museum has a toddler area on the second floor, which is where we spent most of our time! The toddler area was so nice because the kids were still able to explore, but without being trampled over by children on field trips! A major plus was how clean the museum was so you didn't have to worry about wiping your child down with sanitizer every 5 minutes! You will notice in the pictures that Abigail has two different outfits on due to her Daddy letting her play in the water part outside the museum! Daddy decided he wanted to join in on the fun even though he was supposed to be at home recovering from being sick! Abigail & her friends had so much fun at the museum! We will have to plan another trip sometime soon!
Jayce taking Tristan & Abigail for a drive!

Abigail & Jayce going for a drive!

Who's there?

Abigail & Tristan getting a sleigh ride!

Abigail having fun in the ball pit!

Abigail loved this car!

Abigail playing with cars!

Julian showing Abigail & Tristan how to push the cars down the track!

Abigail having fun in the tunnel!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Fun Day at the Farm!"

A few weeks ago, we had a play date with the playgroup at the farm! We all caravanned to the farm on a Friday morning & packed picnic lunches! James rigged up the trailer so we could take everyone on a hayride around the farm! We took a slide & Abigail's pink car for the kids to play with to make sure they were entertained! The kids loved the cows & some of them weren't afraid of the cows and would just walk right up to them! The cows were curious as we were eating lunch & came right up to us! The kids had so much fun riding in the mule & the tractor! Everyone had a great time & it was so much fun getting to entertain friends at the farm!
Abigail, Audrey, & Taylor in the mule!

The gang ready for the hayride!

Picnic time!

The kids loved the slide!

Michele & Taylor, Jill & Audrey

Papa with Audrey & Abigail, Jessica & Harris!

Ethan & Audrey playing with Abigail's car! The kids had so much fun pushing each other in the car!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Turkey Wobble Dance!!"

Abigail loves her dance class at Boni's! Every year Boni's has a turkey dance they teach the girls & today was Abigail's "Turkey Wobble Dance!" I was so excited to watch Abigail do her little dance! I wasn't sure how she would do when she saw her family in the room, but she did pretty good! I was very proud of my little girl! Daddy was feeling better & was able to come watch Abigail! Mimi & Honey came to see Abigail do her little dance too! Abigail would not smile for the camera, but she is one loved little girl that's for sure! Don't forget to watch the videos of Abigail's dances!! Enjoy!!
Our little family!

Abigail & Daddy!

Abigail & Mommy!

Abigail with Mimi & Mommy!

Abigail with Mimi & Honey!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Halloween 2009!!"

I am disappointed that we didn't make it to a Pumpkin Patch this year to take some pictures with the pumpkins! Either Abigail was sick or I was sick or it was pouring down rain outside! Oh well, there's always next year right? I did have some professional Halloween pictures taken at Picture People which turned out super cute! However, I don't have the ability to scan them onto my computer! I'm glad that I had some professional pictures taken because it's impossible for me to get Abigail to sit still, look at the camera, & smile all at the same time!

Friday night, my sister & I took the kids trick or treating in the Panther Creek shopping center! At first Abigail didn't know what to think, but as soon as she realized she was getting candy, she had a blast! On Halloween, we went to see Grandma & Papa first & we all went to see Mr. & Mrs. Benke! Abigail was eating candy as fast as she could open it, we finally had to take it away & hide it from her! She was sooo full of sugar!! Then, we went to Mimi & Honey's house & went trick or treating on my parent's street with all of Abigail's cousins! Kayla is the oldest & she planned games for the little ones! She's always been the entertainment for the family! She hid some small pumpkins in some hay in the backyard for the kids to find! Then, she had the little ones bob for apples, which was really cute! At least, the apples helped the kids take a break from eating candy! Abigail looked so cute dressed up in her leopard costume & had such a great time trick or treating with her cousins! It's so fun having a big family, I love it!!
Abigail & her cousins!! It's impossible to get all of them to look at the camera at the same time!

My cute little nephew Paxton just taking it all in!

Daddy is checking out Abigail's candy!

My sister & I!! Can you tell we both love Target?

My Dad! He's dressed up with the gorilla mask & cigar for Halloween as long as I can remember!

Abigail with Papa & Grandma!