Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Fun Day at the Farm!"

A few weeks ago, we had a play date with the playgroup at the farm! We all caravanned to the farm on a Friday morning & packed picnic lunches! James rigged up the trailer so we could take everyone on a hayride around the farm! We took a slide & Abigail's pink car for the kids to play with to make sure they were entertained! The kids loved the cows & some of them weren't afraid of the cows and would just walk right up to them! The cows were curious as we were eating lunch & came right up to us! The kids had so much fun riding in the mule & the tractor! Everyone had a great time & it was so much fun getting to entertain friends at the farm!
Abigail, Audrey, & Taylor in the mule!

The gang ready for the hayride!

Picnic time!

The kids loved the slide!

Michele & Taylor, Jill & Audrey

Papa with Audrey & Abigail, Jessica & Harris!

Ethan & Audrey playing with Abigail's car! The kids had so much fun pushing each other in the car!


Jen said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I bet the kiddos loved the animals!

Lacey said...

Fun! I want a farm!! :) :)