Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Halloween 2009!!"

I am disappointed that we didn't make it to a Pumpkin Patch this year to take some pictures with the pumpkins! Either Abigail was sick or I was sick or it was pouring down rain outside! Oh well, there's always next year right? I did have some professional Halloween pictures taken at Picture People which turned out super cute! However, I don't have the ability to scan them onto my computer! I'm glad that I had some professional pictures taken because it's impossible for me to get Abigail to sit still, look at the camera, & smile all at the same time!

Friday night, my sister & I took the kids trick or treating in the Panther Creek shopping center! At first Abigail didn't know what to think, but as soon as she realized she was getting candy, she had a blast! On Halloween, we went to see Grandma & Papa first & we all went to see Mr. & Mrs. Benke! Abigail was eating candy as fast as she could open it, we finally had to take it away & hide it from her! She was sooo full of sugar!! Then, we went to Mimi & Honey's house & went trick or treating on my parent's street with all of Abigail's cousins! Kayla is the oldest & she planned games for the little ones! She's always been the entertainment for the family! She hid some small pumpkins in some hay in the backyard for the kids to find! Then, she had the little ones bob for apples, which was really cute! At least, the apples helped the kids take a break from eating candy! Abigail looked so cute dressed up in her leopard costume & had such a great time trick or treating with her cousins! It's so fun having a big family, I love it!!
Abigail & her cousins!! It's impossible to get all of them to look at the camera at the same time!

My cute little nephew Paxton just taking it all in!

Daddy is checking out Abigail's candy!

My sister & I!! Can you tell we both love Target?

My Dad! He's dressed up with the gorilla mask & cigar for Halloween as long as I can remember!

Abigail with Papa & Grandma!

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Lacey said...

Abbie girl looks so cute!!! I laughed at your Dad- mine does the same costume every year too- Butthead...you know from bevis and butthead...it's just lovely...and my kids love it because of the name. Nice, huh? Hope you guys are on the mend. I read James had it now. Hope you have a fully recovered home soon.