Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Trip to the Children's Museum!"

Several weeks ago some friends from church & I decided to take the kids to the Children's museum downtown! I had been wanting to take Abigail for the longest time, but wanted to wait until after summer was over so it would not be so crowded! The museum has a toddler area on the second floor, which is where we spent most of our time! The toddler area was so nice because the kids were still able to explore, but without being trampled over by children on field trips! A major plus was how clean the museum was so you didn't have to worry about wiping your child down with sanitizer every 5 minutes! You will notice in the pictures that Abigail has two different outfits on due to her Daddy letting her play in the water part outside the museum! Daddy decided he wanted to join in on the fun even though he was supposed to be at home recovering from being sick! Abigail & her friends had so much fun at the museum! We will have to plan another trip sometime soon!
Jayce taking Tristan & Abigail for a drive!

Abigail & Jayce going for a drive!

Who's there?

Abigail & Tristan getting a sleigh ride!

Abigail having fun in the ball pit!

Abigail loved this car!

Abigail playing with cars!

Julian showing Abigail & Tristan how to push the cars down the track!

Abigail having fun in the tunnel!

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