Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Turkey Wobble Dance!!"

Abigail loves her dance class at Boni's! Every year Boni's has a turkey dance they teach the girls & today was Abigail's "Turkey Wobble Dance!" I was so excited to watch Abigail do her little dance! I wasn't sure how she would do when she saw her family in the room, but she did pretty good! I was very proud of my little girl! Daddy was feeling better & was able to come watch Abigail! Mimi & Honey came to see Abigail do her little dance too! Abigail would not smile for the camera, but she is one loved little girl that's for sure! Don't forget to watch the videos of Abigail's dances!! Enjoy!!
Our little family!

Abigail & Daddy!

Abigail & Mommy!

Abigail with Mimi & Mommy!

Abigail with Mimi & Honey!


Emily said...

That's so cute! Abigail did a great job!!

Lacey said...

Awww...Ellie has Ms. Marsha also, she's been her teacher every year and we love her!! Great job Abigail!! She did awesome!!

Kristyn said...

SOOOOO cute!!! Very proud of her! I'm glad she enjoys it so much! :)