Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Abigail's Reindeer Dance!"

Last week Abigail did her reindeer dance at the end of her dance class! I have tried several times to upload the video & it's not working for some reason! Oh well! She was distracted by the string around her neck holding the antlers on her head! The first part of the dance she kept pulling at the string around her neck! She danced a little bit, but then she was distracted by all the cameras pointing at her & the other little girls! For 2 year olds the girls, they did a pretty good job! Abigail did great considering she had had surgery on Monday!
Daddy & Mimi came to see her dance too! Daddy brought his little dancer flowers, so cute! I was teasing James that I had been replaced! I can't wait until Abigail's dance recital in May! It will be so fun to watch her up on the big stage at The Woodlands Pavilion!
Our last attempt at trying to get Abigail to look at the camera!

Abigail being silly!! Daddy brought her flowers!

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