Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"Christmas Fun & Surgery Recovery!"

I was out & about on Snow Day 2009, so I didn't get any pictures of Abigail playing in the snow! I tried to take some pics with my cell phone, but they look blurry & you can't see the snow! Oh well! Abigail didn't know what to think about the snow at first, but then she enjoyed running around outside saying, "it's snowing!" My mom & I took her to get her picture taken with Santa! Abigail didn't cry this year, but she wouldn't smile either! Later that day when Daddy got home from work, we made Christmas cookies! Abigail had lots of fun making cookies & playing with the cookie cutters! Although, she kept saying the dough was play-do! Abigail was covered in flour & cookie dough! It was lots of fun, but made a big mess!
Monday, Abigail had her 2nd set of ear tubes put in & her adenoids removed! The surgery was at Texas Children's in the medical center! There were lots of toys for her to play with in the waiting room to keep her occupied & when they took her for surgery, they took her in a red wagon! Abigail was such a brave little girl, I was so proud of her! The surgery went well & Abigail woke up asking for her "baby!" After eating a few popsicles, Abigail was ready to go home! On the way home from the hospital, I rode in the back seat with Abigail in case she got sick! Abigail told me, "I want a wagon!" So, Daddy had to go buy his brave little girl a wagon! Abigail slept most of the day & woke up ready to play! Daddy had the wagon waiting for her when she woke up from her nap! Daddy had to pull her in the wagon around the house because it was cold & raining outside! Daddy also bought Abigail some Thomas the Train peel-n-stick stickers to decorate the wagon! The normal recovery for this time of surgery is 2-4 days! However, Abigail just bounced right back! Of course with all that she's been through in her short life, this was no big deal! God is so good! Hopefully this surgery will help Abigail start feeling better & stay well!

Abigail sleeping in her "big girl" bed!

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Kristyn said...

Praise God for making kids so strong!!! They are just amazing. I'm so glad that Abigail is doing well. God has blessed her with a strong will to get better quick! She's an amazing girl! I can't wait to get together and play again! I'm pretty sure that Jayce misses her!