Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Valentine's Day & More!"

It's been way too long since I have posted any pics of my precious little girl! I haven't been good about taking pictures at all lately! James & I were going through our pictures the other day and it's amazing how much Abigail has changed over the last several months! Abigail has had a little growth spurt because her 18 month clothes are now getting too short for her! She is officially potty trained! Yippee!! It's so much easier than diapers and saves money! It's hard to believe that I'll be signing Abigail up for preschool next week for the fall semester! I know she's going to love preschool because she loves being around other children, but I'm sure going to miss having her at home with me all day! I was looking at Abigail's baby book the other day and realized that I really need to start journaling about the things she does because the baby book just covers the major milestones! The blog helps, but for some reason I always feel like I need to post pictures! And I'm way behind on organizing my pictures of Abigail or putting them in her baby book! I need to get on the ball, she's 2 1/2 already! I could never find time to sit down and write in her baby book when she was a baby! So I'd keep little notes about her milestones so I was able to go back later to write it down in the baby book! Please tell me I'm not the only mother out there that's bad about this?

Here are some pictures from Valentine's Day & some random pics of Abigail playing! We had a nice Valentine's Day here in the Fehrle home! James brought me a beautiful bouquet of roses, some chocolate, and a sweet card! We went to Amerigo's for dinner because it's right around the corner from our house & they had an open reservation when we called at the last minute! We were brave & took Abigail with us to dinner despite the fact that she didn't take a nap, but she was good thankfully! I just didn't feel like cooking & didn't want to fight the crowds! We need to plan better next year! I think that celebrating our wedding anniversary is more important than valentine's day, but it's nice to do a little something special for valentine's day every once in a while!

Abigail's valentine's gift from Daddy along with the heart shaped cookie cake!

Abigail is very excited about her cookie cake that her Daddy bought her!

Abigail getting her Valentine's present from Mommy!

Abigail playing dress up & having a tea party with her friend Maggie!

Abigail playing in her baby doll's crib! Silly girl!

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Lacey said...

So cute!! They grow up so fast. I Had to laugh at you taking your baby girl to Amerigos because I thought we were the only ones who have done that!!! LOL. We asked for a highchair and they don't have any! Ha! Anyway, where did you decide on preschool for next year?