Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Baking fun with Mommy!!"

Last week while I was shopping at Target, the spring time cupcake mix caught my eye! I was looking through the Easter section of the store & found the cupcake mix and thought it would be fun to make some cupcakes with Abigail! I LOVE to bake, but don't bake that often because it's too tempting for me! I thought it would be fun to let Abigail help me make the cupcakes even if it just included her stirring the batter! Abigail was very excited about making the cupcakes and didn't understand that we had to wait until Daddy got home and after we ate dinner to make them! Toddlers have no concept of time, so she kept asking me every 5 minutes! Abigail was so excited about eating the cupcakes that she didn't understand that they had to cook in the oven before we could eat them! I kept having to distract her by playing her toys to keep her mind off the cupcakes in the oven! Abigail was so excited to eat her cupcake with icing & sprinkles! She just wanted to lick the icing off the top, she didn't want the cake part! Silly girl! Later that night, she complained that her tummy hurt! I guess she ate too much icing! Oops! I gave her a children's tums & she went right to sleep! Abigail really liked the tums & thought it was candy because she has told me everyday since that her tummy hurts! What a sneaky little girl! I had so much fun baking with my little girl!

Spring time cupcakes with sprinkles!

Abigail stirring the batter!

She had so much fun!

Licking the batter off the spoon!

Cooling off before we put the icing on the cake!

Finished product!

Abigail & Daddy are ready to dig in!

Abigail is one happy little girl now! Yummy!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo 2010 in the Books!"

Sunday afternoon we took Abigail to the Livestock show after church with some good friends! Grandma bought Abigail a cowgirl outfit & boots for Christmas, so I had been waiting for the opportunity to put them on her! I'm glad I got some pictures before church because Abigail tore off the tassels on the vest while she was at church! It's funny how when you're trying to get some pictures of your kiddos in a hurry and then go back later to look at the pictures and none of the pictures turned out that good! Oh well! Abigail looked super cute in her little cowgirl outfit & I at least got a few pictures!

Abigail had lots of fun at the Rodeo with her friend Tristan! She liked to look at the animals & talk about them, but she did not like to get too close to them & forget about petting the animals! James took her into the petting zoo part & Abigail freaked out! Poor girl! I'm not a big animal person & we don't have any pets, so maybe that's where Abigail gets her fear of animals! Abigail is becoming very independent! She's at that stage where she doesn't want to stay in a stroller, but doesn't want to hold your hand either! The livestock show was very crowded, so that was a little scary with a little girl who wants to be independent! I told James next year, we need to go to the Livestock show during the day during the week when it's not as busy! We all had lots of fun at the Rodeo! It was a long, but very fun day!

Abigail got this rocking horse for Christmas over a year ago & is just now getting on it because she'd been too scared of it until now! LOL!!
Abigail loves getting on the tractors just like her Daddy!
Abigail & Tristan playing on the tractor!
Abigail had fun stomping around in the sawdust!

Friday, March 12, 2010

"Hello Again!"

I have been so bad about blogging lately! I keep up with all of my friends blogs, but I've also been too lazy to leave comments lately! What is wrong with me? So, I'm going to work on stepping up on posting on my blog & leaving comments on my friends blogs that I follow! I know still have people who follow my blog, so I need to give them something to read! We've had some rough times in the Fehrle household, but things are slowly getting better! I was literally going through the whole miscarriage for almost a month, so I finally broke down and got a D&C! I wish I would have done the D&C from the beginning because the recovery wasn't bad at all and it would have been a lot less physically & emotionally draining! Oh well! Right after I recovered from my procedure, Abigail got sick with yet another ear infection! We were in the doctor's office and her fever got up to 104.5, that was scary! This is the 3rd or 4th infection since the one tube fell out & her little body is becoming immune to antibiotics, so she has to get shots! Abigail will be getting her 3rd set of tubes on March 29th! Third times a charm right? I was a little hesitant about having to do another surgery, but I can't let my little girl live in constant pain either! The surgery is no big deal, so we just need to get it done and move on! Then on Monday, I discovered that a raccoon had made a hole in our roof in order to get into the attic! I had been telling James I thought I heard something in the attic, but he just made fun of me and said it was probably a big frog since he knows I'm terrified of frogs! Well, I guess I was right! Thankfully it was a male, so there weren't any baby pups this time! So, now we have to argue with the insurance company because they only want to replace half the roof! How do you replace half a roof? I'm pretty sure that we would get in trouble by The Woodlands Community Association for sure! Anyways, those are the fun times we've been having at the Fehrle household! It's been tough, but it's nothing compared to losing a loved one or a little one to nasty illnesses! I'm continue to thank God every day for the things we do have because we have so much to be thankful for all the time! I love this beautiful spring time weather & getting to enjoy God's beautiful creation when I look around at everything blooming all around me! I want to encourage all of you to find something you are thankful for today and stop and take time to thank our Heavenly Father for those beautiful gifts he's given us!