Friday, April 30, 2010

Ballet Recital Pictures

Last week, Abigail had her first dance recital pictures. I'm a horrible photographer, but got a couple of cute pictures while the girls were waiting. They took a group picture & individuals with the girls sitting on a big cupcake. I can't wait to see the pictures. Abigail's first dance recital will be Memorial Day weekend at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.
Abigail had a high fever the morning before, so I was happy that she didn't "seem" to have a fever Thurs. morning. So, I took her to dance for her pictures because she was also playing & acting like herself again. However, by the middle of the afternoon, she had a fever again. So, I felt like a horrible Mother for exposing my sick child to other kids. I learned to not just assume my child's temp is normal, I need to check it to be sure. It's hard to tell when Abigail is sick because unless she has a high fever or is in a lot of pain, she will play like nothing's wrong until she crashes. I took her to the doctor on Wed. because she woke up at 4 am with 104.5 temp. After a urine sample & blood test, the dr said it was just a virus. I hate being told it's just a virus because you have no idea how long it's going to last. The dr said she was contagious a long as she had a fever. Abigail continued to run a low grade fever throughout the weekend. So, we stayed home from church on Sunday & gymnastics on Monday to keep from exposing other kiddos.
Abigail was looking at everyone, but me!

This is my favorite!

Notice the person's bottom side in the background! LOL! I told you I'm a horrible photographer!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Painting Fun!

Last week, I decided to bring out the finger paint & water colors! I bought them a long time ago and finally decided it was time to give it a try! Abigail had lots of fun painting, but what a mess! Thank goodness it's washable paint! We'll have to save this activity for a rainy day or when it gets super hot outside! Any other fun craft ideas for preschoolers?

Showing me her messy hands!

Artist at work!

Abigail's finished art work!

Painting with water colors!

This is Abigail's goofy smile!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trip to the Zoo!

Last Friday, my sister & I took the kids to the zoo! It was a beautiful day to go to the zoo, but a very popular day to go as well! The zoo was super crowded & we had to park at the Garden Center and walk about a mile! I think we passed about 30 school busses! I forgot to pack a lunch for Abigail & I, so we had to wait in line to get food & paid way too much! Plus, the minute we sat down at the table with the food, Abigail had to go potty! So, off we went to stand in the line at the bathroom! Ugh! Despite the chaos, Abigail & Gannon had fun walking around looking at all the animals! We only stayed at the zoo a little over 2 hours because it was nap time! Note to self: Pack a lunch & snacks along with plenty of water! Get to the zoo first thing in the morning when they open!

The little monkeys looking at the monkeys!

I thought this was a cute picture & love that Abigail is jumping!

What a cute little girl!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"Easter 2010!"

We celebrated Easter all weekend long! On Friday night, I went to dinner with some girlfriends for some much needed girl time! Saturday morning, we went to Grandma & Papa's farm to celebrate! Grandma had Abigail's Easter basket waiting for her! We ate lunch & then let Abigail hunt for Easter eggs! Abigail had so much fun hunting for the eggs! We tried to take some pictures of Abigail in the bluebonnets, but she wasn't in the mood! She had fun playing with her Daddy's train set from when he was a little boy! Abigail loves to ride in the mule & look at the cows, but doesn't like to get too close to them!

Sunday morning, James & I served in the nursery at church! After church, we had a little egg hunt for the kids! It's funny how it took us a long time to hide the eggs, but less than 5 minutes for all the eggs to be found! Abigail quickly discovered that there was candy inside the eggs! We headed to Mimi & Honey's house for lunch with my family! Abigail got to hunt for Easter eggs again with her cousins! Abigail loves her cousins & has so much fun playing with them! I'm so thankful that we all live so close & that they're all around the same ages! Abigail did not have a nap & ate candy all day long, so by the end of the day she had a complete meltdown! Abigail woke up Monday morning asking for candy for breakfast! So, while Daddy was at work & Abigail was taking a nap, I put away all the Easter decorations & threw away ALL the candy!
I'm so thankful for the true meaning of Easter! I'm thankful for the GIFT of the cross & my salvation! I'm overwhelmed by the unconditional love that my God has for me! HE LIVES!!
It was on an Easter Sunday, when I was about 10 year old, that I pulled on my Dad's arm to walk down to the alter to pray asking Jesus into my heart as my personal savior! I remember that day every Easter as if it were yesterday! I'm so thankful for the gift of mercy & grace! Thank you Jesus!
Abigail was all smiles waiting for the Easter bunny, but ran off crying when it was her turn to sit in his lap!

Abigail hunting for Easter eggs at Mimi & Honey's house!

Mimi with her Grandkids showing off her Easter bunny cake! My mom has made this cake every year since I can remember!

Tristan & Abigail eating candy after the egg hunt at church!

Abigail's Easter basket from the Easter Bunny!

Abigail hunting eggs at Grandma & Papa's farm!

We had to put her boots on because the grass was so tall!

She is on a mission!

Abigail & Daddy in the bluebonnets! She wasn't in the mood for pictures!