Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Abigail's 3rd Birthday!

I can't believe that my baby girl is 3 years old, that just doesn't seem right! I am so blessed to be Abigail's Mommy! She's such a beautiful, happy little girl! Abigail has developed quite an imagination lately, which is so fun to watch! She names her baby dolls and makes up little stories all the time! Abigail has brought so much joy to our lives, it's hard to remember what life was like before she came into our world!

I decided to keep Abigail's birthday simple this year since I went way over board the last two years. I let Abigail pick the theme and she chose Abby Cadabby from Seaseme Street. I couldn't find an Abby cake because she's a fairly new face on Seaseme Street, so I had to settle for a princess cake instead. Abigail called it her "purple cake." I only invited family and a few of Abigail's friends which she sees on a regular basis. I basically invited the friends Abigail talks about all the time, so I let her make the guest list. I had a hard time not inviting everyone because I don't want anyone getting their feelings hurt for not being invited. However, for the sake of keeping it simple, I had to let it go. Abigail was so excited about her "Abby Party!"
The day of Abigail's birthday, James & I took her to Incredible Pizza to celebrate her special day. Then, her birthday party was Saturday afternoon. We bought a Rainbow swing set off Craigslist for a fraction of the cost buying them brand new. James worked hard re-staining the swing set & it took him & his two workers half a day to put it back together. Abigail was so excited when she saw her birthday present through the window that she said, "Daddy made me a playground!" Priceless!!! Abigail had so fun at her birthday party! This was the first year that she actually understood it was her birthday. Abigail helped open her presents & blow out the candles on her cake. Abigail had so much fun passing out her party hats to her friends. It was so cute to watch her get so excited over her "Abby Birthday Party!" Abigail is blessed to have such wonderful family and friends! She's one spoiled little girl that's for sure! However, I sure do love my spoiled little girl to pieces!
Abigail's Abby Cadabby Party!

Singing Happy Birthday & about to blow out the candles!

James pushing Abigail & Maggie on the swings!

Abigail's playground!

Abigail swinging while the playground is still being put together!

Abigail at Incredible Pizza riding the tea cups!

Abigail had to ride the train a few times!

Abigail just having fun!

James couldn't wait to ride the race cars with Abigail!

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