Thursday, August 26, 2010

Abigail's 1st trip to the dentist!

I took Abigail to the dentist for the 1st time on Tuesday morning. I took her to a pediatric dentist Scott Andersen who was recommended by several people. The staff were wonderful! The dental hygienist gave Abigail sunglasses to wear so the light wouldn't be so bright in her face. She explained what all the instruments were & what she would be doing with them. Abigail laid there perfectly still & was a perfect little patient! She did great! You can tell in the pictures that she was a little nervous, but she was still brave. Then dentist checked her teeth after the cleaning & said they looked great to keep doing what we're doing. We'll go for a cleaning every 6 months. Abigail got to pick out a tooth brush & got to pick a treasure from the treasure chest. I didn't know what to expect from Abigail, but I was so proud of her for being a brave little girl!

Friday, August 20, 2010

August 17th!

August 17th, is the day we got to bring Abigail home from the hospital after being in the N.I.C.U. for 8 weeks! It's a date I'll never forget! So, to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of bringing my daughter home, here are some pictures of the day we brought our precious baby girl home! Although it was difficult while Abigail was in the N.I.C.U., the time really went by fast!
A few weeks ago, I was watching a show on the discovery health channel called N.I.C.U. & there was a baby girl on there who was born about the same weight as Abigail with the same heart condition. However, the little girl on the show had to have the open heart surgery to repair her PDA while she weighed less than 2 lbs.! As I sat there watching this show, I had tears rolling down my face because I could have been in that situation sending my tiny baby off to have open heart surgery. I'm so thankful that God was in control & gave Abigail the strength to thrive despite the PDA. It was God who allowed her to thrive & grow. Thank you God for not giving me more than I could handle at the time Abigail was born too soon! Thank you God for my precious gift from you! My prayer for Abigail is that she will come to know you at a young age!
Abigail 4 lbs. 3 oz.!

Recent happenings in the Fehrle Household

Ever since Abigail went to my niece's birthday party at the roller rink, she wanted her Daddy to take her roller skating. A few weeks ago, James got home from the farm a little early so we decided to take her roller skating. Abigail only skated for about 20 minutes & she was done. She didn't understand why there wasn't cake. Abigail remembered getting cake at the birthday party after skating for a little while & she expected to get cake again. She wasn't happy when she realized she wasn't getting cake. Abigail has her Mommy's sweet tooth for sure!

Last week, was a busy week! Monday night James & I bought a new car, a 2010 Ford Expedition. Well, it's technically used. We had been looking at cars off & on for a while. Once we decided what we wanted we started looking online & found some that we wanted to go look at in Tomball. We wanted something used with very low mileage because we plan on keeping it for a very long time. We did not trade my car in because the dealership didn't want to give us much for it, so James posted it on Craigslist. We had my old car sold within a few days. Selling my old car was bittersweet for me because it was the first big purchase I made on my own after college. Plus, we brought Abigail home from the hospital in that car. However, it was fun seeing the big smile on a teenage boy's face when he was getting to drive his 1st car away. I love my new car & plan on driving it until the wheels fall off!

Last Thursday was Abigail's 1st day back at dance. She is taking ballet at Boni's again this year & has Mrs. Boni as her teacher. Abigail was excited about going back to dance, but was looking for the same teacher she had last time and didn't understand why she wasn't going in the same room again. Thankfully Abigail went right into her class without a problem & did great! It's good practice for when she starts preschool in a few weeks because she won't know her teachers of have any friends in her class. Abigail is a social butterfly, so she'll do fine!
1st day of ballet 2010-2011 season! Abigail has Mrs. Boni as her teacher!

Warming up!

My old car!

My new car!

Getting ready to roller skate with Daddy!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

"Anniversary trip to Galveston!'

Last Thursday was our 4 year wedding Anniversary. I'm so blessed with the man God gave me to spend the rest of my life with. It's crazy to think what all has happened in the 4 years we've been married. We've had ups & downs, but through it all our marriage has grown stronger each day. We usually just got out to dinner at a nice restaurant alone to celebrate. This year James planned something special for us.
James arranged to leave work early on Thurs. & didn't work Friday. Owning your own business can make it difficult to get away. We drove to Galveston Thurs. afternoon. My mom drove to Galveston to keep Abigail for the night at their condo. James & I went to dinner at Giado's, which is the best place to eat seafood in Galveston. The restaurant has been in Galveston for almost 100 years. I love seafood, but don't eat it that often because it's so expensive. After dinner we walked along the beach & then checked out the pool at the hotel. We stayed at Hotel Galvez, which is an historical hotel in Galveston. We had a wonderful evening alone celebrating each other & our marriage! We were able to sleep late, to us that means 7:30 am! James & I grabbed breakfast at a local cafe' called the Sunshine Cafe' that my parent's found and I had breadpudding french toast with fresh fruit on top! Wow, it was so good!
After breakfast, James & I went to my parent's condo on the beach to see Abigail & spend the day as a family. This was technically the first night we left Abigail overnight, except for when I had to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night. Abigail had a hard time going to sleep because she was so excited to be spending the night with Mimi at the beach. Abigail had so much fun playing with Mimi while we were away. She never notices when we aren't around because she's always having too much fun! We took Abigail down to the beach to play in the ocean & sand for a while. Abigail didn't want to go in the water at first, but she warmed up to it and had so much fun playing in the waves. Of course, she loved playing in the sand and building sand castles. After playing in the sand on the beach and in the ocean, we took a dip in the pool.
I had so much I wanted to do the rest of the afternoon like going shopping on The Strand, going to Moody Gardens, & eating dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Well, I learned when traveling with a 3 year old, you have to play it by ear and not stress over things you don't get to do. There's always next time right? When we left my parent's condo to head to The Strand Abigail fell asleep. So, we ended up driving around for an hour to let her nap. We decided that we would save going to Moody Gardens for another trip. So, we headed to The Strand. Shopping isn't what a 3 year old wants to do & it was so hot outside. We decided to take a boat ride to see the dolphins. It was neat to take a boat ride out in the ocean & to see the dolphins. Again, it was still so hot outside! The heat was so draining!
My family doesn't go to Galveston without stopping in LaKing's, which is an old fashioned ice cream shop that makes candy, chocolates, ice cream, milkshakes, salt water taffy, etc.! If you've never been there, you need to check it out the next time you're in Galveston. We went to the Rainforest Cafe' for dinner before we left to come home. None of us were even hungry & we were all hot from being outside all day. Abigail was actually a little scared of all the fake animals at the restaurant. We took the little ride they have at the restaurant while we waited for our table. We all felt better once we sat down in the air conditioning and got some ice cold water! The restaurant has a fun atmosphere for kids, but the food isn't very good and not cheap either. It was another thing on our trip that I should have just let us do next time. At least, we didn't have to drive back in the Friday 5 O'clock traffic. We enjoyed our day in Galveston, but we were all exhausted by the end of the day! I think we would have had more fun if we had just played in the water all day because it was really too hot to try to do anything else outside.
We're planning a long weekend to San Antonio in September. I learned some valuable lessons that will help in planning our next adventure.

This would be a really cute picture if we both weren't squinting so bad!

On the balcony of my parent's condo on the beach!

Playing in the sand on the beach!

Riding on a boat to see the dolphins!

Can you see the dolphins in the picture?

Abigail posing with Abby Cadabby & Elmo inside a candy store on The Strand in Galveston!