Wednesday, September 08, 2010

"1st Day of Preschool"

Abigail has been talking about going to school for the longest time. I ordered Abigail's backpack & lunch box for her birthday, but put it away until the 1st day of school. My mom & I went shopping for the perfect 1st day outfit. I was surprised how hard it was to find cute clothes for little ones that didn't look like something that would be on a preteen. James & I had already taken Abigail shopping for shoes. We bought her Keds, which reminded me of being a little girl because I got a new pair every year.

The night before her 1st day of school, Daddy read her a Dora book about going to school before Abigail went to bed. Abigail woke up happy & was ready to go to school. I woke up extra early to allow plenty of time to get myself ready & get Abigail's lunch made & get her all dressed to go to school. James & I met Mimi & Honey (my parent's) outside the school early so we had plenty of time for pictures. I didn't start getting emotional until I saw Abigail all dressed in her school clothes with her backpack on her back. She just looked so big! Where did my baby go? I'm glad we took plenty of pictures outside because once we were inside Abigail just walked right in her classroom. She was excited about putting her backpack in her cubby with her name. Although, the teacher had spelled her name wrong, so I had to politely correct her. Abigail didn't even stop to hug us, she just walked right in & didn't look back. That's the moment when I almost lost it, but my Dad was laughing at me, so I think that's what kept me from losing all composure. We were able to at least get Abigail to turn around & wave "bye" to us. My parent's were teasing James & I in the parking lot because we were those parents that kept standing at the door staring at their child who could care less that we were leaving. I have to admit after leaving Abigail, I was a basket case! I didn't like seeing the empty car seat in the back seat or how quiet the house was since she wasn't home. I wasn't productive with my day at all because I was exhausted & not feeling well, so I just rested & caught up on some shows I had DVR'd. I think I was so emotional because I wasn't feeling well, at least that's what I'm going to tell myself. I was watching the clock all day waiting until it was time to go pick up Abigail. I got to the school early, but made myself wait in the car until it was time. I was surprised at how many parents were picking their kids up early, I guess because it was the first day. Abigail was excited to see me when I picked her up. There was only one kid left in her class waiting to be picked up & it was still not quite 2 yet. Abigail's face was covered with pink icing because she got cupcakes because it was a little girl's birthday in her class. Hopefully she won't expect cupcakes every time she goes to school now. Abigail had a great 1st day at preschool! I think it's going to be a great year! I know I will quickly find things to do with my time while she's at school.


ChrissyK said...

awwwww, such a precious little girl whose growing up.

(For sentimental reasons... I think I will wait and not put Ky into the nursery until a week that you and James are working. :O) I gotta be able to say that you and James were the first to take care of my boys.)

andie said...

Abigail looks so grown up. I would have been emotional too. Bella is getting so big but it's weird I feel like I'm standing still. I hope she enjoys school and loves learning new things!