Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Mini Vacation 2010

James & I had been talking about taking a long weekend trip in September when the crowds settled down & hotels have better rates. I wanted to go to San Antonio, but when we sat down to plan our trip, we decided Sea World wouldn't be fun in 100 degree temps. We talked back & forth for a while & decided to go the Lost Pines Hyatt Resort in Bastrop, Texas. Some friends of ours had been there and told us it was a nice place. We booked the rooms last minute, so we had to stay the 3rd night at the Hyatt Regency in Austin because the Lost Pines Resort was already booked. All we planned ahead of time was booking the hotel rooms & booked a boat bat tour in Austin for Saturday night. We learned our lesson a few months ago that when traveling with a 3 year old, it's best to not over plan things. I was so excited about getting out of town for a few days & having my husband for four whole days!
We packed up & headed out of town Thurs. morning. We stopped by our farm on the way out of town, which was a good thing because we had to rescue a baby calf that had fallen off in the creek & couldn't get out. Then, we stopped in Brenham to go to the Blue Bell factory. I had been to the Blue Bell factory before, but this was the first time we went on the tour. As soon as we got to the resort & checked in, Abigail was ready to go swimming. James & I were both very impressed with the resort. The rooms were so nice, but there was also so much to do. The pool was amazing. It had a lazy river, slide, plus a beach front entry with real sand. After swimming for a while, we asked someone to give us a tour around the property on a golf cart. Then, we had smores by a campfire.
Friday morning, we walked all around the property. I was very thankful we made the decision not to go to San Antonio because it was so hot outside. Then, we checked out some longhorns the resort had for us to pet & ride if we wanted. We spent most of the day on Friday at the pool. Then, the resort had a big slip & slide set up for the kids. Thankfully we enjoyed all day outside because then it started pouring down rain. While James & Abigail had some down time in the room, I got a pedicure at the resort's spa. We ate dinner outside & had smores by a campfire.
Saturday morning as we were packing to go to Austin, Abigail saw the ponies outside the window & wanted to go ride them. Every other time we've tried to get Abigail to ride a pony she has freaked out. So, we signed her up for a pony ride. As we were waiting our turn, she pet the pony for one second & then backed away. We thought that she would freak out again. However, when it was her turn, she put the helmet on & she was ready to go. They set her up on the pony & when the pony started to move, she had a moment of hesitation. Abigail reached out for James & we told her she was okay, & put her hands back on the saddle. She was able to relax & enjoy her pony ride. James & I were so proud of Abigail for being such a brave little girl. James followed behind in case Abigail panicked, but she did great. Abigail was so proud of herself for riding the pony. Then, we went for a wagon ride around the resort before we packed up & left for Austin. When we got to Austin, we ate lunch at the Hula Hut, which was recommended by friends. After lunch, we headed over to Zilker Park. It started raining just as we were getting to the park. We decided to go swimming in the Barton Springs Pool. It was raining as we were getting in the water, which made Abigail nervous. The water is 68 degrees, which would have felt good if it was 100 degrees & sunny out. We were all cold, but Abigail was shivering, so we only stayed in the water for about 30 minutes. We met my best friend & her husband for dinner at Hutt's Burger. Then, we went on a boat ride to see the bats on the Congress bridge in Austin. It was really cool. Abigail enjoyed the boat ride, but got bored when the boat was just sitting while we were watching the bats. Afterwards, we went to see my best friend's new home. Abigail crashed the minute we got in the car. She did not nap the whole trip, so she was exhausted.
Sunday morning, we went to Austin Stone Community Church in Austin. We wanted to check out the church since we had heard so much about it. The message was awesome. They were doing a vision series & they were discussing community that week. It was an amazing message on community & how we need community in our lives. After church, we ate lunch at the Shady Grove, which was recommended by a local. It was a little bit of a culture shock. The waiter was wearing sunglasses, which I thought was odd. The food was okay, but the people watching was great. Then, we headed back over to Zilker Park. This time we were able to ride the train & play on the playground. However, as soon as we left the park, it stared pouring down rain again. I wanted to go to Amy's ice cream because I had heard they had really good ice cream. I must say the Mexican vanilla ice cream was very good & I'm a chocolate girl. We drove around Austin for a while & decided it was time to head home even though we didn't want our trip to end. We were able to do everything we wanted to do outside despite the rain. Abigail slept the whole way home, she was worn out! We had such a wonderful weekend! It was a relaxing & so much fun! We are already talking about taking another trip in January.

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