Wednesday, September 08, 2010

"Meet the Teacher"

Last week, we went to meet Abigail's teachers at Sonkids Preschool. Abigail will only be going two days a week this year. She is so excited about going to school. Abigail woke up from a nap right before we left the house to go meet her teachers, so she was not a happy camper. She woke up cranky, so I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Abigail checked out the classroom & started playing with the toys. However, she was being shy when we met the teachers, so we don't have any pictures of her with her teachers. Her teachers names are Ms. Julie & Ms. Kristen. There are 6 girls & 2 boys in her class & it's the first year for most of them, so they will all be adjusting together. There's only 1 baby doll for a classroom full of girls, that could be a problem. I'm excited to see what the school year brings.
Abigail posed for the camera, but I didn't get a smile!

Abigail with a few of the girls from her class!

Abigail playing in the classroom!


Lacey said...

Man, can't believe I missed you again today. Although, I was LATE this morning. I Hope that she had a GREAT first day of school and that she has an awesome year. I am sure she will love that place as much as my kiddos do!!

Kristyn said...

I hope Abigail has a great year this year!!! I know she will do great. It's amazing how quickly our kids grow up. Good Luck this year Abigail!!!