Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fall Festivals & More

We've had all kinds of fall fun this year! These pictures are not really in order, but oh well. James & I took Abigail trick or treating at the Panther Creek Shopping Center. Abigail had lots of fun. She started saying she wanted to sit down & I assumed it was because she had walked a long way for her little legs. Nope, she wanted to dig into her candy!


Notice who's digging for candy now!

I took Abigail to the pumpkin patch where I've taken every year since she was a baby. She had fun picking out pumpkins, but had a meltdown because she couldn't play on the playground.

Abigail had a fall festival at her preschool. They were able to wear their costumes to school that day. They had all kinds of little games set up for the kids & a train ride. Abigail really only cared about the train ride. She saw the train as I dropped her off for school that morning & was very upset when she couldn't ride the train right then. James & I had fun watching her with all her little friends. We were the first parents to arrive. Abigail introduced James to all her little friends & then told her friends, "This is Mr. James." She's such a sweet little girl! Abigail also got to have pizza at school with her friends instead of the boring old lunch Mommy packs for her. Abigail had lots of fun, but LOVED the train ride!

Attempt at a class picture!

James & I took Abigail to the family day at The Woodlands United Methodist Church. They advertised in the paper that it was free. They had a pumpkin patch, bouncies, pony rides, petting zoo, & few other little games. My sister-in-law met us there with her two kids. Abigail had a blast playing with her cousins Kayla & Colton. Abigail also got to ride a pony again! She actually rode the pony twice. Abigail even went in the petting zoo & petted a few animals. It was a fun afternoon & it was free, which was even better!

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