Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving this year was so relaxing. We went to James's parents farm on Wednesday and celebrated Thanksgiving with them. Thanksgiving morning, we had a relaxing morning at home watching the Thanksgiving parade on t.v.. Then, we headed over to my parents house for lunch. Usually there's this mad rush trying to get everything ready & we're waiting on someone who's running late. However, this year everyone was just chill & relaxed. The men even did the dishes, which was awesome. Although, I have to admit I enjoy helping my mom clean the kitchen after family gatherings. The Thanksgiving meal was amazing as always. My mom is a wonderful cook & makes the best turkey & dressing. Abigail & her cousins had a blast playing & eating together. My favorite part about Thanksgiving is when we're all standing in kitchen holding hands while my Dad says the blessing. I'm so thankful for my family!
Family pic minus Dad

Abigail with all her cousins except for Alec.

The kid table


Kristyn said...

Glad you had a such a relaxing Thanksgiving! We can get so mixed up in everything and really forget what it's all about. Enjoying our time with our family is the reason for celebrating :) Plus you need some extra relaxing ;) Miss ya!!!

Jen said...

Looks like you had a wonderful have such a big family! Glad everyone got to enjoy each other...hoping you are feeling great!!