Friday, January 07, 2011

20 Week Appointment & Ultrasound

I had my 20 week appointment on Wed.. I can't believe I'm already half way through this pregnancy, it's going by so fast. I LOVE getting ultrasounds! It's always so reassuring to get to peek at the baby & make sure everything is okay. My doctor waits until 20 weeks to determine the sex of the baby. Although, from the 12 week ultrasound with this pregnancy, it's been quite obvious that it's a BOY! So, the 20 week ultrasound was anti climatic at this point. However, it's fun to finally say 100% sure that it's a BOY! So, now I can have fun shopping for the nursery & for little boy clothes. Thankfully, I have lots of nephews, which means lots of hand me downs.
My appointment went well minus the LONG wait to see the doctor. I haven't lost anymore weight & haven't gained any either, which my doctor is pleased with. I found a solution that helps with my sickness. I take a pepcid ac maximum strength at 12 pm & 5 pm & try to eat before 7 pm. I still get sick sometimes, but not every night & it's usually when I eat too late in the evening. Everything looks great so far. My blood pressure is good too. However, my doctor wants me to start tracking my blood pressure at home & watching my sodium intake in my diet to prevent preeclampsia. My doctor will be keeping a very close eye on me this time around. He continues to prepare me for the possibility of bed rest at some point, but I'm really hoping this will continue to be a problem free pregnancy. I'm almost 21 weeks & had Abigail at 28 weeks. My due date with this baby is May 22nd, we are all hoping to make it to May even if it's May 1st!
Again, these are pictures of my ultrasound pictures. I really need to get my scanner fixed or buy a new one. Introducing Jacob Edison Fehrle!! This is the boy name we picked out when I was pregnant with Abigail. The baby will have the same initials as James & his Dad, which is also what James's company is named afer as well.
It's a BOY!! You can tell by looking between his legs!
Praying hands, so cute!

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Jennifer Lopez said...

Ash, I am so happy for you. I haven't been around much lately to see your growing belly. But I sure to do think about you tons and pray for your growing family often.

You are a beautiful woman and Jacob is blessed to have you as his Mommy.